On any new addition, alteration, or new home construction project you have many choices to make.  In other instances choices are made for you.  Take for instance the color of your new flooring, you get to choose that.  In regards to installing an approved sewer or septic system, the choices you have are probably very limited and possibly pre-made for you.  When considering the energy efficiency of your home you are also going to have many options.  Some of them you can make, others will already be made for you.  What we want to discuss today is where the Rescheck and Manual J Heat Loss comes into play.

Increasingly more jurisdictions across the United States are requiring the Rescheck Energy Report and a Manual J Heat Loss calculation as part of their permitting process.  This means that without considering the energy efficiency of your building envelope and calculating the room by room BTU usage of each room in your home there is no way to even begin your new construction, home alteration, or addition project.  In this instance the choice is made for you by a local building department, legislature, or building inspector.  However you will have some choices about how much insulation you use in your roof, walls, foundation, windows, and doors.

In plenty of areas around the United States a Manual J or Rescheck is not yet required.  Either your jurisdiction has not adopted the code or maybe your building department is not enforcing the requirement.  This is also very common.  In this instance you have a choice.  You can still choose all your insulation for your windows, door, ceiling, walls, and foundation.  You also get to choose whether you will choose these options by guessing what is best, or if you will use the calculations in a Rescheck and Manual J to make the best choices possible.  The Rescheck will measure how your building envelope and insulation compares to your local climate zone.  The Manual J will you tell you how many BTU’s each room in your will need to be comfortably heated and cooled and make sure you get the right size HVAC unit for your new home, addition, or alteration.

If you have decided that you will decide guess what insulation and HVAC unit you will use on your home then a Rescheck and Manual J will not be needed.  If you want to use all the components of your home to come up with the most energy efficient home and HVAC system possible then you will want to have a Rescheck and Manual J completed.  That is were we can help.  We offer Rescheck reports and Manual J’s in 4-6 hours any day of the week for only $79 each.  If you order both together you can get a combination pack of both reports for only $129.

If you are ready to order your Rescheck and Manual J report all you need to do is email us a PDF of your blueprints to service@Rescheck.info.  What we will do is print off a full size set of your blueprints.  Then we will complete all the calculations for your Rescheck and Manual J reports.  Once we have your energy audits complete we will send you back a recap of your project and an invoice.  We make it the easiest part of your construction project.  On top of that, if you ever make modifications to your plans simply email them to us and will modify your Rescheck and Manual J free of charge for the life of your construction project.

Basically you have many choices on your construction project, and your energy efficiency is an important one.  We feel that the most cost effective way to control your energy bills for the life of your home is to start with the correct systems in place.  We can help with that and provide the lowest cost Rescheck and Manual J with top notch customer service.  Give us a try today.