Today in the Reschexpert blog, since we talk about everything related to Reschecks, Manual Js, and home energy audits we want to discuss some of the more unscrupulous practices from around the world of auditing homes for energy codes.  Maybe you have been a victim of some of these practices, or maybe you landed at just in time to find out who offers the fastest, lowest cost, and highest quality Rescheck and Manual J on the market today.

Charging to much for your Manual J or Rescheck:  The most obvious way customers are getting ripped off today is being charged 3x as much as charges for their energy audits right off the shelf. only charges $79 for either report or you can order a combo pack of both the Rescheck and Manual J for huge discount at only $129.

Lengthy Lead Times:  I have to admit sometimes it makes me laugh to look at how long it takes for others to get Reschecks and Manual J’s back to their customers.  The industry average is around 7-10 days.  At we changed the game for home energy audits and we can turn a Rescheck or Manual J around in 4-6 hours any day of the week for only $79 or $129 for both a Rescheck and Manual J.

Complex Pricing Structures:  Anytime you see an industry whose pricing model is so complex you need a PHD in mathematics to compute your final price, it was not invented for the customer.  It was invented for the owner of the business to trick the customer into paying too much.  In the online world of “Used Car Rescheck” dealerships we wanted to change all that.  Many sites offer something like, .73 cents per square floor, plus shipping, plus a service fee, plus a $50 fee if you want it within 3 days (give me a break).  That is why we offered a single low price no matter how large your home is.  Only $79 is the price for your Rescheck or Manual J or combine them for only $129.

After I receive my Rescheck

Hefty Charges for Changes:  Let’s face it, anyone who has built a home has made a change.  I built custom homes for over a decade and once you get on site, things change.  Most people only get one chance in a lifetime to build a home and I always sided for the customer and wanted it to be done their way.  I carried this motto over to my Rescheck and Manual J service and today we offer FREE LIFETIME MODIFICATIONS to any Rescheck or Manual J for the life of the construction project.  Did you know that the industry average in home energy industry is to charge over $100 for a single change to your Rescheck or Manual J?  That means to make a change to an existing Rescheck or Manual J at another energy audit company you will spend more just on the modification than you will for our entire Rescheck or Manual J at only $79.

Using Inadequate Software:  The disappointment you feel when you get a low quality Rescheck or Manual J is paramount.  Codes change all the time and we get calls from people all the time that ordered a Rescheck or Manual J from someone else that just did not cut it.  We will help anyone out even someone who has already ordered from another company.  Many times after ordering from another Manual J or Rescheck provider, after payment is made, the phone will not be picked up when questions are asked about why the Rescheck or Manual J was rejected at the local building department.  This is because other companies are using outdated software that was created at the turn of the century.  At we use all the latest codes, software, and techniques to create every Rescheck and Manual J that comes across our desk.

Self Serving Business Hours:  Let’s face it, most people who build a house are able to build a house because they have one thing in common, they have a job.  This means that from 6 am – 6 pm you are typically running kids to school, commuting to work, and handling your business, so you can have a paycheck to pay for your new home.  Other home energy audit companies are conveniently open from 9am – 4pm the only person this benefits is themselves.  How convenient, stay open for only the hours when your customers cannot call you.  At we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you want to talk about a Rescheck or Manual J at 1 am on a Tuesday, give us a call.  We understand that you might only have 15 minutes in a week to do a Google Search about your Rescheck and we are glad you found us.  Give us a call.  865-235-6277

High Priced Shipping:  So you just lost an arm and leg on the cost of your Rescheck report.  Thank God the pain has stopped.  Wait, what? The other Rescheck and Manual J service wants a shipping handling charge of $20 to send your report?  At we created a process that allows you to send us your plans and receive your Rescheck or Manual J without ever paying a single penny in shipping and handling charges.  We built the service around you.

Pay After Your Work is Done:  You do not pay the concrete guy or tile guy before their work is done on the site, so why would you pre-pay for your Rescheck or Manual J.  Did you know is the only company in the industry that offers pay after your energy audit is complete?  Simply send us your blueprints to  We will turn your electronic plans into a full size set of prints.  Once we take them off the plotter we will start your calculations.  After we have your Rescheck or Manual J ready we will send you a recap of your project and an invoice in about 4-6 hours.

At we are changing the home energy audit market in favor of the customer.  That is why we wanted to discuss some of the less scrupulous tactics that are being used across the industry today.  If you have another example that has happened to you or would simply like to get your Rescheck or Manual J started send us your plans to or give us a call at 865-235-6277 today.






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