You know that you need a Rescheck for your new construction, alteration, or home addition.  The only question you must answer now is how is it possible for you to do your Rescheck Energy Report or Manual J yourself?

Basically either of these reports can be completed yourself if you understand the calculations, can read a set of plans, have plenty of time, and a whole lot of patience.  Be aware that creating these reports (and doing them correctly) is not an easy task.  We estimate at that it takes a pro 4-6 to complete each report.  For a beginner creating their first Manual J or Rescheck it can easily take them 10-12 hours to generate their first report, and then the question is, is it correct?

In this blog post of the Reschexpert Blog we are going to focus on doing your Rescheck or Manual J yourself, the easy way.  Basically all you need to do is send a PDF or picture of your plans and we can handle the rest.  You can have the rest of your day to deal with other permitting issues and we will return a project recap and invoice to you in about 4-6 hours.  The best part about it?  We accept and create Rescheck reports and Room by Room Manual J’s for your 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  That means if you realize you need a Rescheck or Manual J on Sunday you can have it ready to submit by Monday morning.  Now that is home energy auditing the easy way.

I know what you are thinking.  Fast, accurate, and on my terms, that must be ridiculously expensive.  At our only goal is to help people build the most efficient construction projects possible.  We want to do this with the highest level of customer service and the lowest price available.  That is why we offer either the Manual J or a Custom Rescheck Report for only $79 no matter how large the plan.  This is 3x less than our nearest competitor and also is returned to you 3x faster.

If you have a set of plans that need “Reschecked” or “Manual J’d” and you want to do it yourself the best way to do this is to email your plans to right now.  We will instantly print off a full size set of prints, start your calculations, and send you a recap of your REscheck or Manual J with an invoice as soon as it is complete.  The entire process only takes 4-6 hours so you can need a Rescheck or Manual J in the morning and be ready to submit your plans for permitting by your lunch break.  Give us a try.  We would love to earn your business.