Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to discuss the newest release of Rescheck Web and what it means for the end users who perform Rescheck calculations online.  Earlier today the following message appeared on Rescheck-Web.

“In the next few days we will be releasing our new REScheck-Web. Although the interface is new, it has all the same functionality as the existing REScheck-Web plus a few new features. NOTE: The new REScheck-Web will require all users to register for an account.”

Then when you log into your account a red bar with the same message was located at the top of the screen.

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What we wanted to look into today is what this means for future Rescheck-Web users and what are the implications.  The last major update of the Rescheck-Web software took place in October of 2016.  This newest version of Rescheck-Web software seems to immediately remove the ability to create a Rescheck report as a guest user.  You will now need to apply for your own account.  If you create any number of Reschecks like we do at this is probably a good idea anyways, because you never know when things will change on your construction project and you do not want to go back and start from scratch.

They always doing a great job of keeping Rescheck-Web up to date and bug free so my guess for additional software changes would be that they will make the user interface friendlier to use.  Technical support for Rescheck collects alot of data and knows what questions they see over and over again.  I would expect more in depth explanations and more advanced pop ups to help users through the more difficult sections of the Rescheck.

My final guess is that the new Rescheck-Web software package will look more like the downloadable application.  Both softwares are equally suitable for creating your Rescheck, but the goal of updates like we are seeing today is to make the experience easier and more usable for engineers, architects, home energy auditors, building inspectors, and homeowners.

If you have any trouble operating the new version of Rescheck-Web software feel free to give us a call at 865-235-6277 or send us an email at  We also offer low cost Rescheck preparation services for only $79.  Each Rescheck report comes with world class customer service, free lifetime modifications, and an easy to use process that allows you to point click and get your building permit.