The newest updates for Rescheck are now released.  Our first opinion of the changes made to the software is that the new features knocked it out of the park.  We hear plenty of questions every day on how to use the software and the new tutorials as shown in the screen shot below will help new users out plenty.

Rescheck Software Update Texas, Rescheck Software Update Utah, Rescheck Software Update Michigan, Rescheck Software Update New Jersey, Rescheck Software Update Georgia, Rescheck Software Update Ohio

Among the other features that we noticed are the ability to add users to your team (which will help us at out alot) that way you can collaborate on projects between team members.  Something we do every hour of every day while working on Reschecks for our clients.

The next feature added is the ability to create a sample project.  80% of what we do at is answering questions for our clients and running sample scenarios for builders, architects, and engineers on their Rescheck.  This is a very nice addition to the already amazing Rescheck Web Software.

Finally the new interface used in the Rescheck-Web update is very user friendly as less intimidating.  It has a nice warm, soft feel, that instantly makes the end user think, “I want to Rescheck my house and make sure that it the most efficient structure possible”.  At least that is the feeling I get.

Thanks again for tuning into the Reschexpert blog as we discuss daily everything that has to do with Manual J’s, Manual S’s, and Rescheck Energy reports.  As we run into new differences in the Rescheck-Web software we will keep you updated as always.  In the event that you choose not to update to the new software and would like us to handle your Rescheck we can take care of it for you using the newest software update for only $79.  We can do this for you in 4-6 hours and include free lifetime modifications to your report.  If you are ready to get your Rescheck started on the latest Rescheck Web software update all you need to do is send your plans to  We will print off a full size set of blueprints to calculate your Rescheck.  Once your Rescheck is ready we will email you back a recap of your energy report along with an invoice.  Thanks for reading the Reschexpert Blog.