As we learn new things about the latest Rescheck Web software update we feel obliged to share them with you.  Maybe you haven’t used Rescheck in a while and you are just logging on to your Rescheck-Web account to work on a new project.  What a surprise!  The software and interface have been updated.  Here at Reschexpert blog we are more than thrilled with the latest updates as they have added many features that make the software more user friendly.

One of our favorite new features in the Rescheck Search Feature:

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Before when you used Rescheck Web to create a Rescheck you could easily save the project.  Now Rescheck has created a software update that makes the DIY Rescheck user’s life much easier.  With the addition of a Search bar in the upper right hand portion of the page you can now sort through all your projects by entering a few letters or keywords.  Before with the old Rescheck software you had to manually scroll through each one of your Rescheck Energy Reports, which can take forever.

Gone are the days of manual scrolling to find your Rescheck.  One keyword and I can locate the exact file I need to update a Rescheck on an addition, alteration, or new construction project.  Or maybe I just need to update from IECC 2009 to IECC 2012, or IECC 2015.  The task is made easier with the search function added to the latest Rescheck Web software update.

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