In the days since the Department of Energy released their newest rendition of Rescheck Web we have heard from many people about the ups and downs of the newest software.  At the Reschexpert Blog we wanted to discuss what the options are in the instance that you do not like the newest changes to the software.

Many people have become familiar with the older version of Rescheck online and they were surprised to see the massive overhaul that took place this week on the online Rescheck software.  We heard from many clients and even some of our competitors who were completely stumped on how to use the new Rescheck.  We did our best to walk each of of them through it over the phone or email.  So that brings us to our first option.  If you are having trouble just give us call on the Rescheck help line at 865-235-6277 and we will do our best to explain the new features and how to use them.

The second option is to download the desktop version of Rescheck software.  This will have a more familiar interface than the newest Rescheck Web release and will get you through an emergency Rescheck or two (until they update it).  The advantages to this software are that you can use it offline and it saves your projects right on your desktop or laptop instead of on the Rescheck cloud.  The disadvantage is that it is only available for PC.  So you Apple users might have to borrow a friends computer.  Or you can download the Rescheck Help App and enter your info there.

The final (and best) option is to let us at handle your Rescheck for you completely.  The advantages to this are that you do not have to take the tremendous amount of time needed to learn a new software.  We can take your plans and create your Rescheck in about 4-6 hours.  Once we have your Rescheck energy report created we will send you back a synopsis of your project and a clickable invoice.  This means that you can get your Rescheck created for you fast, accurately, and you can pay for it once it is ready.  Don’t hesitate, you can send your plans now to and we will get started on your project now.  We charge a single low price of $79 for any size plan and can have it back to you fast.

Overall whether you choose to call us for help, download the desktop version, use our Rescheck Help App, or simply allow us to create your Rescheck for you we hope you have a great experience learning about how to build the most energy efficient structure possible.