The one thing that everyone of the Reschexpert Blog readers has in common is that they are involved in some way with building a home.  What we want to look at today is what time of year is the best to start your new construction project.  Whether it be an alteration, addition, or new home construction everyone must consider what time of year they would like to “break ground” on their new construction project.


This is a big area of humor, but most projects planned for the summer will generally fall into this category.  Things pop up and it takes longer on than expected on most items on your project to get excavated and running.  That is ok, because cooler weather, less busy construction schedules for subcontractors make fall the perfect time to start your construction project.  One key pointer for building in the fall is to give yourself adequate time to get it “dried in” before the harsh winter hits so that you can work indoors on cold dreary days.


We have all heard it from someone along the way in our construction project, “Wait till it slows down and I will get to your project.”  Well Winter can be that time they are speaking of.  Probably the least favorite time to launch construction projects.  The soil is moist, the sun is short, days can be cold, and jobsites can be slick.  The one advantage to starting your construction project in this season is that you demand for all the services you need is less.  This can lead to lower prices, better choice of materials & subs, and more open schedules to have your project put first in line from the plumber to the electrician.


The Super Bowl is over.  The flowers are blooming.  Everyone who forgot to do anything over the winter is now ready to start their construction project.  So grab your grocery bag and head to the local “Spring Home Improvement” show.  Spring has sprung is what we used to say at the construction company.  We would go from building absolutely nothing to 20+ projects in about 3 days.  Give it one good sunny 67 degree day and everyone is calling in ready to break ground.  This is a great time to start construction, just be aware that the beginning of the season can still get really cold and spring rains means lots of delays on site with workers stuck in the truck for the day.


This is a great time to get the your construction project going.  The ground has dried out a little and sun is usually rampant.  The most important feature about this time of year is that you get the most daylight.  With the summer solstice brings extra long days which can mean subcontractors and laborers accomplishing more.  Increased productivity each day on site ultimately equals lower cost for your entire construction project.  The one downside to summer building with smaller builders, vacations.  A one week trip to the beach for each of your project managers, contractors, and subcontractors can leave you sitting by the bus stop wondering where the summer went in a jiffy.

Overall, I have started home construction projects in every season and I can tell you it usually boils down to one thing.  We will get started when everything is ready.  This is why I designed our Rescheck and Manual J service the way we did.  You may have to wait on numbers, the banker, material, and everyone else on your construction project but you will never have to wait on us.  We turn projects around in 4-6 hours and offer free lifetime modifications.  Ask anyone else on your construction project for results and guarantees like that.  We will be waiting.  Just call us 865-235-6277 or email us your plans right now to  .  We will print off a full size set of your plans, start your calculations, and send you a breakdown of your projects Rescheck along with an invoice one it is ready.