Everyone who has done more than a few Reschecks has had it happen to them.  You enter in your code, city, or state and the specific information that you need is not available.  It can be frustrating.  Even more frustrating?  Some building department require the Rescheck reports to say the exact name of their city or code and it does not exist within the software.  Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to discuss your options in the event that your specific Rescheck info is not available to complete a report.

Your first option is to try a different version of the software.  Because the desktop version and Rescheck Web are updated at different times then it is possible that one version may have the information that you need.  Try to use your code, city, or state in both softwares before you panic and you just might find that it is available in one or the other.

One of the major areas that we are hearing about each day is that some codes are disapearing from Rescheck all together.  The Wisconsin Uniform Building code from 2009 has all but disappeared from Rescheck.  However, many building inspectors and departments throughout Wisconsin still require a Rescheck to use this software even though it no longer exists within the newest versions of Rescheck Web or Desktop. The solution?  We have an older unupdated version of Rescheck that we use to create Reschecks using the Wisconsin Uniform building Code and provide the information that is needed.  The major problem is that most people do not.

The next problem we see every day is that your building department requires your Rescheck to have a specific city included on your report.  The only problem is that the software does not include your specific city.  Your options in this instance are to choose the county where your project is located.  The problem with this is that some cities within the same county have different climate zones so choose wisely.  We see this all the time in Utah.  The next option is to choose the closest nearby city with the same climate zone.  This is probably your best option, but some building departments have alot of local pride and will automatically reject any report that does not include their specific city without understanding that their area does not exist within the software.

The final option is one that we use all the time.  Call the building inspector and try to level with them.  Building inspectors can be tough, but for good reason.  Let them know the issue that  you are seeing, and chances are that they have seen it before.  Ask them what city, state, or code that the last project used.  Also you can send us your plan and chances are we have created a report for your city before and have all the versions of Rescheck software available to create your report accurately, specifically, and for the exact parameters that you need.  Simply email your plans to service@rescheck.info and we will connect all the dots needed on your project and get it completed for you correctly.  As soon as it is complete we will email you back a recap of your project along with an invoice.