Today on the Reschexpert Blog we want to talk to you about why it might make sense for you to hire an outside resource to create your Rescheck Energy report or Manual J for you.  There are several reasons that might affect your decision to have the Rescheck created for your instead of doing it your self.  Those are time, money, knowledge, and equipment.  We will discuss each of these in depth below to see if you are ready to a create a Do it Yourself Rescheck.

The first issue that you should look at is do you have the time?  We estimate in our Rescheck and Manual J classes where we teach new students the methods that it takes between 10-12 hours for a new student to create their first Rescheck properly.  So the first thing you must ask yourself to you have 1-2 days that you can devote to the creation of this crucial construction document for your building permit.

The next issue involves money.  We estimate that if you make or bill out at $25 per hour or more then it might make sense to allow someone to create your Rescheck or Manual J for you.  Here is how we came up with that.  Our typical Rescheck or Manual J takes about 4-6 hours to create from start to finish.  Because you will know your project better than anyone we give you the benefit of the doubt that it will only take you 3 hours.  Therefore 3 hours x $25 per hour of your time = $75.  Our Rescheck service costs $79 so if you take any longer than 3 hours or if you make much more than $25 per hour then it might be beneficial to hire an outside resrouce for your Rescheck or Manual J like

Another issue that you must face in creating a do it yourself Manual J or Rescheck is do you know enough about the subject.  Recent software updates to the Rescheck Web, Intricacies of the Rescheck Desktop Software, and whole slue of Code and Insulation requirements could mean that you might know alot  about the project, materials, and labor involved in the project, but may need a hand on the Rescheck or Manual J.

Finally, there is equipment.  We plot off a full size set of every plans so you either need access to a plotter or a full size set of prints.  We recently paid over $2 per page to a have set printed at a national printing chain.  So after you have your set of prints created you just need a laptop, and a nice quite place to create all your calculations and enter them into the software.  If you are missing any 3 of these then it might make sense to let help you.

If you decided the Do it yourself Rescheck or do it yourself Manual J is not for you then our process is simple.  Email us a set your plans at .  We will print off a full size set your plans and start your calculations.  When your Rescheck is ready we will send you a project recap and invoice.