A new version of Rescheck Web has been released and the reviews are slowly coming in from other Rescheck Services that have reponded to our industry wide survey.  Today we want to discuss the finidngs of the survey and how recent changes to the ability to create a rescheck online might affect you and your construction project.

43% of respondents liked the new software better than the old.  In the world of changing technology it is common for users to resist the implementation of new software and technologies.  Basically, all though difficult to stomach, Rescheck Web handled their software implementation by completely replacing the old version.  This will lead to some growing pains in the beginning, but will also prove more efficient in the long term because they will not need to maintain 2 versions of the online rescheck software running simultaneously.

72% of our survey participants indicated that the largest factors affecting them were Rescheck web speed, data loss, failures, and screen freezes.  I can tell you first hand that if you have spent 6 hours creating a Rescheck and have the calculations ready to print and send off it is very disheartening to have your screen freeze and lose all your data.  Starting the project at midnight once again is never a fun task so I can sympathize with each of the respondents.  I think as the software is perfected these issues will slowly disapear.  I also encourage you to let us know any issues we have so we can compile a list and send them to the Department of Energy National Lab free of charge.

Finally the most striking statistic is that 37% of the people who responded to the survey are choosing to forgo learning the new software and will outsource their next Rescheck Energy Report.  This is sad to see that adoption of new software has led them away from creating their own reports.  However we fully understand.

If you are having an issue with Rescheck Web or a Rescheck report just let us know.  We can offer free technical assistance with the software, or we also offer a Rescheck service for $79 that includes calculations, inspection checklist, and Rescheck compliance certificate.  Everything you need for permitting.  Service takes 4-6 hours to complete and all you need to do is email us your plans to service@rescheck.info.  We will send you a project recap and invoice once it is complete.