Purchases Home Energy Report Leaders and in Deal Slated to Close Monday. just made their service three times better for all their new and existing customers and clients.,, and announced today their combined operation agreement and purchase by The companies merged into will together pursue’s industry leading vision to provide homeowners, architects, engineers, building inspectors, contractors, and real estate agents a low cost, high quality, fast turnaround way to obtain top notch home energy reports. This blockbuster deal is seen as a down payment on the vision that energy reports should be the easiest, most cost effective portion of a new construction project.

In addition, the technology team will strengthen itself and integrate best practices on every Manual J and Rescheck they create. Our goal is ultimately lower lead times and costs from where we are now. By adding these two premium properties to our portfolio we move leaps and bounds toward our goals. While the entire industry is raising prices and delivering sub par energy reports we are making our process cost less, move faster, and serve the customer better. The market has spoken, and there is significant work ahead, but we are ready to get started.

Here is what using for your Rescheck or Manual J means for you.

  • Energy reports ready in 4-6 hours
  • $79 for any size home
  • World class customer service
  • Free shipping
  • Nationwide acceptance with 100% pass rate

This is just the beginning as plans to upgrade benefits and continue to serve individuals in the construction industry. will continue to grow it’s team, create jobs, and stimulate the economy as it undertakes new construction projects, Reschecks, Manual J’s, and home energy audits. is dedicated to maintaining their high standards and commitment to providing the finest Reschecks and Manual js, and continue to provide in depth calculations and consulting on new home starts throughout the world.