The Reschexpert blog today will take a look at why you might want to consider undertaking your new construction project during the winter months.  Many people each year choose this time to start their new construction, home addition, or alteration and there are plenty of great reasons why.  We want to discuss how you can save time, money, and stress by choosing this time to begin your project.

The best reason is that there is less demand right now.  During spring and summer months everyone wants to build so that leaves everyone involved in your project from the subcontractors to the building inspector with less time to focus on your project.  If you begin your construction project in the winter months you then get the individuals full attention which can lead to higher quality work, lower cost, and faster projects.

Another reason why winter construction is great is that by the time the weather warms up your structure should be close to completion and ready to enjoy for the summer months.  If you are building a summer getaway home then getting it started in winter months could allow you to take your first needed vacation the same year that it is completed.

Higher quality subcontractors are the best reason to get started in the winter.  During the summer the best subcontractors will have schedules that are filled for weeks and weeks.  Give them a call in the winter and chances are they can be on your job in a few days and be very thankful to have the work.  In the summer you might have to settle for a certain for a certain sub to complete a portion of your project, but in the winter you can choose exactly who you want.

Although severe weather, inaccessible building sites, and materials that can be damaged by freezing temperatures are all reasons you might want to wait to begin your project until it warms up, there are also plenty of reasons to get started now.  One of the best ways to get a jump on your construction project is to get your Rescheck or Manual J started now so that when everyone awakes from their winter slumber you already have the home energy audit side of your construction project complete, reviewed, and approved by your local building department.

If you need a Rescheck or Manual J we can complete it for you in 4-6 hours.  Email us your plans to  As soon as it is ready we will email you recap of your project along with an invoice.  Thanks for reading the Reschexpert blog your #1 resource on insulation, green homes, Reschecks, Manual J’s, and energy efficiency.



Why Cold Weather Construction Projects Can be Beneficial
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Why Cold Weather Construction Projects Can be Beneficial
Why Cold Weather Construction Projects Can be Beneficial
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