Today on the Reschexpert blog we wanted to talk about the similarities in the items you need to create either a Rescheck Energy report or a Manual J heat loss.  Although they very in what they measure they increasingly require the same materials to complete the calculations.  Since we care about everything related to Manual J’s and Reschecks we wanted to give an easy to use list of the items you will need to calculate your own Rescheck or Manual J.

First, you will need a full size set of blueprints.  If for some reason you do not have a paper set of prints you can visit a local office supply store with your plans on a usb drive and have them printed.  This will allow you to get the measurements you need to create your home energy audits.

Next you are going to need an architect’s scale.  You are going to use this to create each of the measurements.

Grab some paper and write down your calculations and then pick up your laptop and input the information into the home energy audit software of your choice.  We prefer Rescheck web, Rescheck desktop, or the Manual J Help App available on ITunes.

After you have the data input, you can print out the energy reports and turn them into your local building department and you should have everything you need to get your permit.  In the rare instance that you might not have the time or expertise to create these calculations and reports we offer an easy to use Rescheck and Manual J Service.  We can create the reports in about 4-6 hours.  Any day of the week and even on holidays.  We only charge $79 for a Rescheck or Manual J.  If you need both a Rescheck and Manual J we offer a discounted combo pack for just $129.  The process is simple.  Email your plans to and pay after your Rescheck is finished.  We will email you back a recap of the project along with an invoice.

Thanks for reading the Reschexpert blog and ask us any questions you might have on our Twitter.



A special shout out to our favorite building departments and building inspectors from around the United States.  Send us an email at to claim your building department’s free desktop handout information stand.

York South Carlina REScheck

Los Angeles California REScheck

Colorado Springs Colorado Manual J

Montrose Colorado REScheck

Westminster Colorado REScheck

Middletown Delaware REScheck

Smyrna Georgia Manual J

Chicago Illinois Manual J

Oak Park Illinois Manual J

Rolling Meadows Illinois Manual J

Amherst Massachusetts Manual J

Missoula Montana REScheck

Apex North Carolina REScheck

Eagle Nebraska REScheck

Pitman New Jersey REScheck

Pitman New Jersey REScheck

Union New Jersey REScheck

New York New York REScheck

Rochester New York Manual J

Portland Oregon Manual J

Telford Pennsylvania REScheck

Dandridge Tennessee REScheck

Denton Texas REScheck

Harlingen Texas REScheck

Houston Texas REScheck

Katy Texas REScheck

New Braunfels Texas Manual J

West Jordan Utah REScheck

Hudson Wisconsin Manual J

Monticello Wisconsin REScheck

Wall Township New Jersey Manual J

Winslow Township New Jersey REScheck


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