Todays Reschexpert blog wants to look at the timing of when you create your Rescheck or Manual J.  There are many opinions as to what time in your new construction, addition, or home alteration that you begin your home energy audits.  Today we want to discuss each one.

Before your project you have ultimate flexibility.  This way you get to decide exactly what materials will be used in your home.  If you choose a Manual J or Rescheck report we offer free lifetime modifications to your reports so if you want to change anything at anytime, go ahead, it’s free.

During your project is another time that someone might choose to create their Rescheck or Manual J.  This gives you a little less flexibility, but is still doable.  The problem lies in the fact that you might have built a 2×4 wall but your Rescheck and climate zone calls for an R-19 wall.  There are solutions and we have seen all of them in our decades in the Rescheck and Manual J business.  If you need a Rescheck or Manual J during your project we can give you a free consulation to get your reports created today.

After your project is another common time to find yourself needing a Rescheck.  Your building inspector is ready to issue your Certificate of Occupancy.  There is only one item left to check off on his building permit checklist, the Rescheck and Manual J.  When you need a Rescheck or Manual J completed after the structure is already completed has your back.  We can get it created for you in about 4-6 hours so there is no need to call off the moving men.  Get ready to enjoy your new home.

If you need a Rescheck or Manual J at anytime during your construction project simply send your plans to  We will take a full size set of your plans and generate your heat loss calculations and Rescheck home energy audit.  Once we have it ready we email you back a clickable invoice and project recap.  Simple as that your Rescheck and Manual J are ready for permitting.

A special shout out to our favorite building departments and building inspectors from around the United States.  Send us an email at to claim your building department’s free desktop handout information stand.

Phoenix Arizona REScheck

Scottsdale Arizona Manual J

Surprise Arizona Manual J

Chico California REScheck

City of Industry California Manual J

Pleasanton California REScheck

Thousand Oaks California Manual J

Colorado Springs Colorado Manual J

Fort Collins Colorado Manual J

Bridgeport Connecticut REScheck

Fairfield Connecticut REScheck

Clearwater Florida Manual J

Hialeah Florida Manual J

Lake City Florida Manual J

Miami Florida Manual J

Orlando Florida REScheck

Port St. Lucie Florida Manual J

West Palm Beach Florida Manual J

Auburn Georgia Manual J

Charles City Iowa Manual J

Iowa City Iowa REScheck

Blackfoot Idaho REScheck

Batavia Illinois Manual J

Berwyn Illinois Manual J

Chicago Illinois Manual J

Des Plaines Illinois Manual J

Glenview Illinois Manual J

Naperville Illinois REScheck

Rock Island Illinois Manual J

Concord Massachusetts Manual J

Gloucester Massachusetts Manual J

Grand Rapids Michigan Manual J

Portage Michigan Manual J

Romulus Michigan Manual J

South Lyon Michigan REScheck

Huntersville North Carolina Manual J

Raleigh North Carolina Manual J

East Rutherford New Jersey Manual J

Jersey City New Jersey REScheck

Las Vegas Nevada REScheck

Hopewell Junction New York Manual J

Manhasset New York Manual J

When Should I Start my Rescheck and Manual J
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When Should I Start my Rescheck and Manual J
When Should I Start my Rescheck and Manual J
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