Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to ask one of the most common questions in the Home Energy Audit industry.  What is a Rescheck?  We will attempt to tell you what a Rescheck is in quick, easy to understand segments below.

A Rescheck is a 3 part compliance packet that is used to determine the amount and type of insulation you need in your homes ceiling, walls, windows, doors, and foundation.  Your report is created to be jobsite specific so the same home built in different areas of the country will require different amounts and types of insulation.  Basically, the Rescheck report takes the guess work out of your home’s energy efficiency.

Part one of the Rescheck is your calculations.  You input the the square footage and insulation values for your plan into Rescheck software and this is also the first page of your report.  Key items on the first page include jobsite address, climate zone, IECC building code, and the components of your home.  Also don’t forget that this page will show you if your new construction, addition, or home alteration passes or fails.

Part two of your Rescheck report is your checklist.  This is the middle section of your report and is typically 2-9 pages long.  This is an easy to use checklist that the building department and building inspectors will use to inspect your project’s blueprints and onsite.  Basically this takes what you input into your calculations and gives the inspector an easy to use method to double check your inputs and calculations while you are building the home.

Part three of your Rescheck Energy Audit is your compliance certificate.  This is the final page of your report and will coincidentally be the final part of your construction project.  When your home is finished and you do your final inspection your building inspector will finalize this page and then it is typically posted on or near your electrical panel.  This way if you ever go to sell your home it removes the guess work for any new owners when they wonder what energy codes where followed, what was the original equipment, and what types of insulation was used.

This quick easy rundown of what a Rescheck report consists of is brought to you by the Reschexpert blog and   If you need a full Rescheck report for your project then we offer them for the easy low price of $79.  This includes all three components listed above and we can create it custom for your project in about 4-6 hours any day of the week.  If you need to get started simply email your plans to .  We will complete your project and send you an invoice once it is ready.




What is a Rescheck
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What is a Rescheck
What is a Rescheck
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