One common question we see while helping users on their Reschecks and Manual J’s is who should pay for the Rescheck or Manual J once it is ready?  This is common because their are typically many people involved on a new construction, addition, or home alteration project.  Below we will discuss who in the project should end up paying for the Rescheck or Manual J service after the report is ready.

The Design Team. 

Many times the architect, designer, draftsman, or engineer will end up fulfilling the invoice once a Rescheck or Manual J is created.  This is because they typically quarter back the process and submit their blueprints to to have their Rescheck or Manual J completed.  However, this does not mean they will have to suffer a loss for the Rescheck or Manual J reports.  By simply adding the cost of these necessary energy reports to their customer’s final invoice they can be reimbursed for the essential reports very easily and ethically.

The Construction Team

A builder, contractor, or HVAC subcrontractor many times will see the responsibility laid on the to complete both the Rescheck and Manual J reports.  This is very common because when all is said and done they will be the ones on site ready to see that each element of the reports are implemented.  Just because the construction team may be tasked with creating the Rescheck or Manual J on a construction project does not mean it is a cost they must absorb.  Because the Rescheck and Manual J is required in jurisdictions nationwide on IECC construction codes it should be treated as an essential portion of the building permit cost.  This means that it would be perfectly acceptable for the builder to pay for the invoice but then treat it as a necessary cost of construction when billing their client.

Whose responsibility is the REScheck report?

 The Homeowner

More and more we see the homeowner intensely involved in all aspects of the construction process.  Especially when that involves building an energy efficient or green home.  Even in a large percentage of instances where the Rescheck or Manual J is not a building permit requirement we see homeowners using our Rescheck and Manual J service to double check their insulation values and design versus their climate zone before they give their construction and design teams the final go ahead to start construction.


In the end the Rescheck and Manual J process is essential to building a home that fits into your climate zone efficiently.  After all is said and done, the invoice will typically filter all the way back to the person who is building the home.  In our instance you can get either a Rescheck or Manual J for $79.  If you need both reports you can get them for $129 so the cost is very minimal.  With this service you get the reports created for you in 4-6 hours.  Once it is ready we will send you a project recap and invoice.  All you have to do is email your plans to and we will get you taken care of.  Once the Rescheck and Manual J is ready the Design Team, Construction Team, and homeowner can decide who completes the invoice as they are all typically involved in making sure the construction project is efficiently completed time, energy, and money wise.



Who Should Pay For the Rescheck or Manual J Energy Audit?
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Who Should Pay For the Rescheck or Manual J Energy Audit?
Who Should Pay For the Rescheck or Manual J Energy Audit?
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