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One of the most popular states when it comes to creating Rescheck and Manual J reports is Nebraska.  Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to discuss why we see so many Nebraska Rescheck and Manual J heat loss projects on a daily basis.

Nebraska is very progressive when it comes to the forwarding of their energy policy.  This means that any time you start an alteration, addition, or new home construction project there is going to be a need for a Rescheck report.  The main reasons are that Nebraska has very wide swings in temperature.  It can be over 100 degrees in the summer and below 0 in the winter so making sure all your home’s insulation and HVAC systems work together are paramount.

Basically, when we see a Nebraska Rescheck report come in here is how we handle it.  We print off a full size set of plans.  Then we go through and complete all the calculations needed to complete the Rescheck or Manual J.  Once we have the reports created we email you back a project recap and invoice.  Once completed all you need to do is print off your reports and the energy side of your construction project is taken care of.

If you are ready to get started on a Nebraska Rescheck or Manual J project you simply need to email us your plans to [email protected]  We will print off a full size set of your plans and complete the entire process.  You can pay after it is complete.  We charge $79 for a Rescheck report and $79 for a Manual J, or you can order both for the discounted price of $129.  If you are ready to get started send us your Nebraska Rescheck or Manual J project now to [email protected]