Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to discuss how to prepare for your Rescheck or Manual J.  We will give you some basic steps to prepare to get your home energy audit off your To Do List and onto your To Done List.

The first item that you need is a jobsite address.  Every Rescheck or Manual J that is made specific for your jobsite and climate zone.  Knowing where you will build is key.  Be sure to know an address of your jobsite.  If for some instance you are preparing preliminary plans and using the Rescheck or Manual J early in the project for budget or feasibility projections then it would be possible to use a city, county, or location nearby.  Then when you get your final jobsite address you can simply email it to us at anytime in the future and we will make the modification for you free of charge.

The second item you need is a set of plans.  The great thing about working with a company like is that they are able to work off any type of plans.  The first, most common set of plans is drawn by an architect or draftsman and emailed in PDF for to  The next most common is an old set of plans that the homeowner or builder only has a paper set of.  In this instance you can simply snap a photo of the plan and send it to us.  Finally, one of my favorite types of plans are the ones I used to create for prospective homeowners when I was giving preliminary ideas while for a national homebuilder, hand drawn.  In the instance of hand drawn we can create a Rescheck or Manual J just as easily.  Simply snap a picture of your sketches with your smart phone and email them to

The final item you need to get your Rescheck or Manual J started is time.  If you plan to create your Rescheck or Manual J yourself I would block off about 10-12 hours to learn the software and doublecheck all your calculations.  If you choose to use we can cut the time and cost of the project by more than half.  In about 4-6 hours and for only $79 we can have a Rescheck or Manual J ready for you and your building department to move on with permitting.

Just like many things in life Reschecks and Manual Js have basic needs when they are going to be created.  You need to know where the project will be, what the project will be, and how long the project will take to get audited.  If you are ready to get your Manual J or Rescheck started today simply email your hand drawn plans, photos, or plans to and we will get your Rescheck taken care of promptly.