Today on the Rescheck construction blog or Reschexpert blog we want to discuss when is the best time to get started on your Rescheck or Manual J home energy audit.  The construction season is heating up and the line for subcontractors, permits, builders, and all trades in steady lengthening.  We want to give you insight into when you might want to consider the energy side of your addition, alteration, or new construction project.

For the average homeowner or builder starting on a construction project the list of items to line up before breaking ground can be astounding.  This includes the Rescheck and Manual J heat loss report for many jurisdictions.  Typically it will make sense to get these reports taken care of before you break ground on your project and here are a few reasons why:

Knowing what size framing to use in walls and roof systems.  Certain R Value will only fit into certain cavities so if you climate zone is more harsh it makes sense to plan ahead.

Windows and doors for harsher climates will also need special considerations.  Some area require mandatory SHGC levels which your Rescheck will let you know before you actually purchase the wrong window package.

Budget is the final consideration.  Reschecks and Manual J’s can help you plan and budget for the energy side of your home construction project and since money is important to everyone then this is a great way to know what you are going to spend before breaking ground.

Also at and the Reschexpert blog we fully understand that sometimes you must start your Rescheck or Manual J after the home is started.  Sometimes we even see them after the home is fully complete.  We want to give you a few examples of instances where you might have to complete one near the final stages of a construction project.

The code can change in the middle of your project and your inspector asks you to update your permit to the newest code even though you started on a previous code.

You genuinely did not know that one was required and then as a final requirement to receive your Certificate of Occupancy the building department asks for a Rescheck compliance certificate.

You thought your architect, engineer, builder, or contractor had already turned it in, but they didn’t.

Wheter you complete your Rescheck weeks before breaking ground or the weeks after your home is complete most jurisdictions are now requiring Reschecks and Manual J’s to prove your new home’s energy efficiency.  If this is the case on your project we offer an industry low cost of $79 for the Rescheck or Manual J.  If you need both we charge a supremely discounted price of $129.  We deliver reports in 4-6 hours any day of the week.  The process works like this.  Email us your plans to  We will complete your reports and send you a project recap and invoice once it is ready.

Should I Start My Rescheck or Manual J Before or After I Break Ground On My Construction Project?
Article Name
Should I Start My Rescheck or Manual J Before or After I Break Ground On My Construction Project?
Should I Start My Rescheck or Manual J Before or After I Break Ground On My Construction Project?
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