Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to discuss how you can go about getting a Rescheck or Manual J for your new construction, addition, or home alteration project.  We have identified 3 basic ways for you to obtain a Rescheck or Manual for your project and we will discuss the ins and outs of each so that you can have confidence moving forward with your Rescheck Report and Rescheck Compliance certificate.

The first option that you have for generating a Rescheck is to log on to Rescheck Web.  This a site maintained by the Department of Energy.  It is truly an amazing site and was recently updated in the fall of 2017 to include many new features including project sharing, a very user friendly interface, and the ability to view projects on the cloud across devices.  This is our prefered software for Rescheck creation mainly because it is constantly updated with the newest codes and updates.  The only downfall is that you will need an internet connection to create a Rescheck on this program as it is 100% web based.  This also means that on a internet connection saving your results can result in long waits of staring at a spinning wheel on the screen.  Well worth the wait for the great Rescheck that this program creates.

The second option that you have to create a Rescheck is to use the Rescheck Desktop Software.  You can download this program as an .exe file and install it on any Windows based computer.  The interface is very similar to the older versions of Rescheck Web so if you recently logged on to Rescheck Web after being away from the Rescheck practice for a while then this interface may seem warm and friendly to you.  The advantages to this program are that you can generate reports without an internet connection.  So if you are on a distant jobsite without utilities a simple laptop will be everything you need to generate a report for a visiting building inspector or home energy auditor.  The one downfall is that updates to the software are not automatic.  Occassionally, say every 3 months you will need to check for updated versions.  Energy codes are constantly changing so having your Rescheck Software become out of date is a real possibility.  We are constantly monitoring the software updates for inclusion of the newest IECC 2018 energy code.  However, we derive that the code may be added after a jurisdiction adopts the new IECC 2018 for their code.  We will keep  you updated on the IECC 2018 code and how it relates to the Rescheck Desktop Software.

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The final option to have a Rescheck report created is to hire a Rescheck service.  The top Rescheck in the industry is  It is always best to start there because they offer the lowest cost, highest quality, and fastest turn around.  Instead of learning new software, making mistakes, and spending an entire day of frustrating errors this service is also a great way get a Rescheck Report and Rescheck Compliance Certificate created.  Many people ask what is Rescheck? can answer this quickly and all you need to do is simply email them a PDF of your plans to  The entire process is complete before you ever pay for the report.  This Do It Your Self Rescheck service can have your Rescheck back to you in 4-6 hours any day of the week.  The best part is that they only charge $79 and offer Free Lifetime Modifications to you Rescheck report in the event that you make changes on your projects.

Overall there are 3 very different ways to create your Rescheck.  Several of them involve using an internet connection and one of them does not.  2 of them require plenty of study and mastery of either the Rescheck Desktop or Rescheck Web software.  The option to use is DIY rescheck option that allows you have a hands off approach while you focus on the on site portions of your construction project.  Whichever you choose, we appreciate you reading the Reschexpert blog.

How do I get a Rescheck?
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How do I get a Rescheck?
How do I get a Rescheck?
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