Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to give you a few tips that we also processed over the Rescheck Helpline this week.  We are always trying to make your Rescheck, Manual J, and home energy audit as easy as possible so today we want to help you with some basic Rescheck and home energy auditing tips.

First things first, you want to find the basic info of your project.  Many times we receive projects in our inbox that do not include a jobsite address.  This is the most basic of information for any Rescheck, Manual j, or Manual s.  If for some some reason you have not been provided a final address a city and street will suffice, but you will need to update this to make your Rescheck, Manual J, or Manual S complete before the end of the project.  Basic project details like street address, customer, name and builder name are usually easy to obtain and make a great starting point for your project.

The second tip is to know your building code.  Nothing will get you the opportunity to redo your Rescheck with the building department faster than using the wrong energy code for your jobsite address.  For example a project that needs the IECC 2015 energy code accidentally indicates that it is using the IECC 2012.  At we would make this charge for our clients free of charge same day.  Other services usually charge $50 or more with long waits.  An easy way to find out your building code is to ask you building inspector or a simple google search of your town’s name followed by “energy code” for example:  “Houston Energy Code” would return a result of IECC 2015 in one of the top 3 results on Google.

The third tip is to consider how much your time is worth.  When we train builders, architects, and engineers to use Rescheck Desktop and Rescheck Web it usually takes about 10-12 hours before someone can create their first Rescheck.  With our service priced at $79 this means if you are worth more than $8 per hour in your current job then it might make sense to have us create the Rescheck for you.  Our total process takes about 4-6 hours.  Think of it as an energy checkup for your new construction, addition, or home alteration.  The other advantages is that we offer free lifetime modifications other energy reporting options like Manual J and Manual S for your project.  So think about what you are worth and if you have time to learn a new software.  If you would rather focus on your current tasks we would be glad to join your project as a team member.

This does it for our Rescheck, Manual J, and Manual S tips on the Reschexpert blog today.  Thank you so much for reading and if you have a project you need to get started on simply email your plans to and we will get started on them now.




Rescheck help, diy rescheck, do it yourself rescheck, rescheck fails, rescheck software errors
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Rescheck help, diy rescheck, do it yourself rescheck, rescheck fails, rescheck software errors
Rescheck help, diy rescheck, do it yourself rescheck, rescheck fails, rescheck software errors
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