Here at the Reschexpert blog we have kept you abreast of all the updates on the IECC 2018 Energy Code, Reschecks, and Manual Js as they progressed from inception.  Just recently we noticed something reflecting the first cities beginning to use the IECC 2018 Energy Code to regulate their local projects.  Also some interesting statistics that might just prove the IECC 2018 can create a larger percentage passing score compared to the exact same project calculated using the IECC 2015 for Rescheck.

We see many Rescheck and Manual J projects daily and we like to study the data to give us a picture of which jurisdictions are adopting which codes, and how they are using energy reporting in their respective building departments.  Last year the IECC 2018 Energy Code was passed.  In November, it was added to the Rescheck Software.  Recently, we have just seen reports coming in from several cities now using the IECC 2018 code.  A brand new code always brings new questions, bugs, and areas to explore.  So far the Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop have performed flawlessly when converting, importing, and saving projects using the new IECC 2018 code.

The most interesting thing that we have ran across on a few projects is that when converting the IECC 2105 Reschecks over to IECC 2018, in a direct conversion, the IECC 2018 actually passes by a higher percentage basis than it did on using the duplicate IECC 2015 Rescheck .rck or .rxl files.  This is in no ways conclusive, because there are literally billions of possible data input options on each project and we only looked at a handful of somewhat similarly designed projects.  However it is safe to say the IECC 2018 will begin to become more popular and start to replace some older energy codes like the IECC 2006 and IECC 2009 in some building departments.

Ranking IECC Codes in Rescheck Web and Desktop

For the everyday person, the IECC 2018 means that you need to update your Rescheck Desktop Softwares and be prepared to choose a new code option on your pre designed Rescheck templates that you may use for your construction or energy audit business.  Sometimes the hardest part of doing a Rescheck is when you have not used the software in several years and you login to see the major upgrades and newly added options that are now available.   If the upgrades prove too cumbersome you can simply email a set of plans to us at and we can take care of the report for you.   Thank you for reading the Reschexpert blog and following our IECC 2018 code updates.


Which Places use IECC 2018 Energy Code
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Which Places use IECC 2018 Energy Code
Which Places use IECC 2018 Energy Code
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