Today on the Reschexpert blog, Rescheck Podcast, and rescheck user forum we want to discuss the many backgrounds of those who create Reschecks, Manual J, and Manual S home energy reports and audits.  There are a wide of array of people from all walks of life that create these reports.  Since our main readership is other energy auditors in the industry we wanted to discuss a few ways someone might stumble upon this line of work.

I guess any good meeting starts with the facilitator discussing their own background.  Mine is from a career in the Log and Timberframe home industry.  The interesting thing about that type of construction is that you get to see all different types of construction from logs, ICFs,  post and beam, Structural insulated panels, metal buildings, commercial structures, cabins, and all types of homes are accented and made whole with the types of products we designed, manufactured, and erected.  These types of homes are also built in many different places.  We spent plenty of time in New York, Colorado, Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Utah and everywhere in between.  The climate zones varied from project to project as we moved from high flying mountain ranges of Colorado to the low lying river valleys of Texas.  The one commonality was that the building departments we submitted plans to did not always understand the Log Cabins, Timberframes, ICF, Structural Insulated Panels, and ornate timber homes that we were constructing.  That was where the need for Reschecks, Manual J, and Manual S came about.  For over a decade over the the thousands of homes we shipped almost all came with a complimentary Rescheck, Manual J, and Manual S created by me.  This in depth education into types of construction rarely seen on todays jobsite gave me the insight to handle even the trickiest of conventional construction Reschecks or Manual Js that we see today on

Now you know a little about me and my background and I would like to discuss the paths of other auditors.  Some come from “green construction” guilds and clicks.  Basically it boils down to the fact that you pay a fee to a group, the group certifies you and then you get a logo to place on your website that says you are compliant with whichever group you chose to affiliate with.  The major issue with these guilds and groups are the loss of independence.  Now the glasses the auditors wear can be slightly biased toward people who share the same affiliation and discriminatory to others who are outside the click even if they produce better, faster, and lower cost results for the end of user.  We feel that for a home energy audit to be independent and carried out properly it needs to come without the weighting and pressure of an outside group that you effectively must pay for their blessing.  That is why is able to provide thorough, low cost, independent energy audits that contractors, architects, engineers, building inspectors, and homeowners have grown so fond of.

The next group that provides energy audits is the home inspection crowd.  The home inspectors do a wonderful job pointing out deficiencies in homes and helping get them corrected for prospective home owners and new homeowners alike.  There are plenty of good ones out there.  Occasionally you notice that the only items that you find on your inspection checklist are magically items that the home inspection firm sells as a retail construction service.  The problem with allowing the home inspection firms to produce their own energy audits is two fold.  The first is that they automatically lose their independence from the audit.  Most walk on site from step one and have sales quotas to meet for each time their work truck parks in a driveway.  This can lead to undue pressure to perform tests, analysis, and repairs that may or may not be in the clients best interest.  The second issue is timing and cost.  Most home energy audits are electronically based meaning that you really need powerful software, a full size set of plans, and a quite place to handle complex calculations of Manual S, Rescheck, and Manual J.  If your home inspection firm is in the field all day, then when do they have time to create calculations and return them to you in a prompt and quality manor. 

At we do sell kitchen appliances, used car radiators, and souvenir T-shirts.  We have only 3 products, and that is what we specialize in.  If you need a Rescheck, Manual J, or Manual S we can provide it for you same day.  Our only goal is to help you build the most efficient home possible.  That is the exact reason why we offer free lifetime modifications to all of our home energy reports.  If you find a way that will make your home better, more cost effective, or more efficient then we want to put that into your reports for you, free of charge.  If you are ready to get started on your Rescheck, Manual J, or Manual S our process is built around you too.  Simply email your plans to  We will get started instantly.

Thanks for reading the Reschexpert blog, Rescheck podcast, and using  We hope to hear from you soon.  email plans to

Who can create a Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S
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Who can create a Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S
Who can create a Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S
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