Today on the Reschexpert blog, rescheck podcast, and Rescheck Forum for users of we want to detail with you where we see Reschecks, Rescheck Reporting, and Online Rescheck Creation moving next.  Each year has brought us more and more rescheck software updates and new codes added to the array at least once every 3 years with the adoption of the IECC 2018.  As soon as one is implemented we at start to think, what’s next?

The most obvious stab I will take at guessing the next big new item is for the Rescheck industry is the IECC 2021 Energy Code.  You see, every 3 years a new energy code is adopted which means almost as soon as the IECC 2015 is announced the industry begins chatter about the IECC 2021.  This new code will no doubt strengthen weakness and show the opportunity for adoption in areas without stringent energy codes.  Expect the official release in Rescheck Web software and Rescheck Desktop around approximately September 13th, 2021 at 3:32 PM.

The next item we are willing to bet that will strengthen the Rescheck suite of softwares is IECC 2018 capability being added to Rescheck Desktop.  You see, as of today if you need to create a Rescheck for your IECC 2018 energy code then the only option is Rescheck Web.  This is unfair on several fronts.  In a rural mountain community like mine only a few have internet connections and smaller fraction of those residents have anything that would vaguely be described as high speed.  Is it right to require an internet only permit solution to communities that might not have internet access through either their cell or home computers?  Either way with the plethora of free wifi options if someone really needs to use internet they can find it, but having Rescheck only carry IECC 2018 is limiting to rural communities so I would expect to see a Desktop Rescheck version rolled out with the quickness.

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The final thing we will see in the industry is more and more Rescheck professionals joining the industry.  You wee we built the largest community of Rescheck professionals and brought radical transparency to the home energy audit industry.  This is appreciated and celebrated by a long list of industry wide independent energy auditors.  Through the increase in Rescheck questions, rescheck tutorials, and rescheck classes we have seen we can tell you that the Rescheck creation professional continuing to double and triple in the coming years will be one of the largest differences.  Gone will be the day when you had to wait weeks for a Rescheck.  Now services like deliver reports in 4 hours.  Gone are the day when one provider charged $300+ for a simple Rescheck then charged the client for any mistakes they made in change order fees. flipped the industry on its head when it offered customer friendly $79 pricing on every project, and offered free lifetime modifications.  You see when a Rescheck auditor puts the focus on getting a project right no matter what the cost to his company the customer, the country, and the entire industry wins.  This is the future of Rescheck.

If you need a Rescheck we can create one for your project for only $79.  We can have it back in your inbox in 4-6 hours.  All you need to do is email us a set of your plans to  We will take your Rescheck report from their and get it back to you promptly.  Thanks for reading the Reschexpert blog, listening to Rescheck podcast, and using


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Where Reschecks are Going Next
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Where Reschecks are Going Next
Where Reschecks are Going Next
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