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Understanding Manual S Equipment Sizing

Whether you are building a new home or you just want to get read of an old HVAC and replace it with a new one, you should know the most important factors to consider for you to ensure that your home offers maximum comfort for many years to come. One of the most important factors you should consider before selecting the contractor to install your HVAC or before making any HVAC purchase is the Manual S Equipment Sizing.

First, you should get a qualified residential HVAC designer to do the ACCA Manual J load calculation in order to determine the cooling and heating needs of your home. This is actually a requirement by LEED, Energy Star, and many other permit offices. In addition to the ACCA Manual J load calculation, it is also a requirement that the designer should size any physical HVAC equipment. The sizing of the equipment should be done according to the manufacturer OEM data for definite design conditions of the home.

Manual S is the only industry standard for picking the most appropriate hvac equipment for optimal comfort. While other designers sometimes prefer sizing HVAC equipment using the AHRI certificate, it is not the industry standard for doing so. Therefore, you should always insist on Manual S Equipment sizing. Besides, Manual S is preferred because it also sets the limits of equipment sizing. The sizing limits usually ensure that the capacity of the equipment meets the occupant’ minimum needs and at the same time prevents the problems that are usually associated with equipment over-sizing.

What does ‘S’ stands for

In case you don’t know, the letter “S” simply stands for selection, specifically equipment selection. For you to know whether or not an air conditioner has been sized correctly as required, you should understand some basics of the Manual S. An air conditioner that has been sized correctly meets the requirements of the Energy Star new homes program.

Before doing the Manual S Equipment sizing, your hvac contractor should do a Manual S calculation first. This will allow him to properly size your HVAC. Without performing a Manual S calculation, your unit will likely fail to offer the optimal comfort as a properly sized hvac would deliver. You may save some dollars by skipping the Manual S calculation before the Manual S equipment sizing is done. However, you will definitely for it in efficiency and comfort for the unit’s life.

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