Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to talk about how to use blockchain to improve construction processes and how we utilize the technology to make each one of the Reschecks, Manual Js, Manual Ss, and Manual Ds that we create better.  Basically our specially designed blockchain works as an open book that allows two parties to record transactions in an open an verifiable way.  Something construction companies need daily to make their companies run smoothly, including us and you.  At we are pioneering the use of the technology in several different ways to make all of our processes and your end products as a consumer better.

Speed.  In the early days of home energy audits the people who created them for the end consumer could take as long as they wanted.  Similar to the way it used to take 5-7 days for a check to deposit fully into your bank account.  You were at the home energy auditors mercy as to when he would finally log in to his computer and pay attention to your construction project that needed a home energy audit.  With the introduction of our state of the art Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Construction models we have been able to eliminate days out of the process and we now have the home energy audit timing from PDF to invoice down to 4-6 hours.  We are currently working on moving this time window lower and lower.  We have recently experimented with offering 1 hour Rescheck services.  More information to follow.  Blockchain is allowing us to become faster and more efficient as we see more and more plans every day.

Accuracy.  The one thing you cannot lose in construction and energy auditing is accuracy.  That is why we focus on double and triple checking each project.  We do this through a blockchain process that uses multiple computers and databases to verify county tax records for the address, climate centers for climate zones, and airports for the most relevant weather information for your jobsite location.  By double and triple checking the data for your project we can make sure we get you the right information for your project upon the first time you submit your plans.

Payments.  We are currently the only the construction company in the United States to actively accept over 11 crypto currencies for any product we offer those.  Those blockchain crytpo currencies we accept are as follows:

Bitcoin BTC

Stellar XLM

US Dollar Coin USDC

Bitcoin Cash BCH

Ripple XRP

Litecoin LTC

Etherium ETH

Etherium Classic ETC


Zcash ZEC

Basic Attention Token BAT

These allow secure fast transactions.  

We also run our payments through which means that if you choose to use your Square Cash Card you can instantly move your deposits back and forth through Bitcoin within your account in an easy and effortless manor.  By eliminating time and headaches in the payment processes of your construction project we can continue to chisel away at the 4-6 hour time window it currently takes to serve you and hopefully take our processes down to much more of a lightning fast submittal and deliver process.

Security.  The final way we use blockchain on each project is to safeguard every construction projects plans and final reports.   Most construction plans contain sensitive security details such as a room where a safe is located or maybe even a panic room.  In the hands of the wrong person these blueprints could lead to the ultimate heist.  Upon delivery of each set of plans we code them using blockchain for single use on each computer meaning only the home energy audit specialist who is working on that portion of the project can view them.  Once the time expires on the verification the details of the plan are no longer available.  Also the reports you receive are sensitive.  We have had instances of people taking our reports and signing to them even when we did not create the Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, or Manual D for their project.  They do this because of high standing in the industry and name recognition.  When a building department sees on a set of home energy audits they know that their client chose the industry leader in Reschecks, Manual Js, Manual Ds, and Manual Ss.  On each report we create we encode certain details with blockchain based coding that allows us to verify or deny if the project was created by us instantly.  Giving building inspectors around the globe the confidence of knowing the home energy audit they hodl in their hands was created by

Overall, is at the forefront of all thing home energy audit related.  If you have a Rescheck, Comcheck, Manual S, Manual J, or Manual D that you need taken care of you can simply click the box in the lower right hand side of the screen or email your plans to and we will get you taken care of instantly.





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Using Blockchain to Improve Construction Processes
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Using Blockchain to Improve Construction Processes
Using Blockchain to Improve Construction Processes
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