Whether you are using the IECC 2018, IECC 2015 or an older state specific code like Florida, Georgia, Utah, or North Carolina odds are you need to know what is easiest way to get your Rescheck created.  Today on the Reschexpert blog we will guide you through the process of creating a Rescheck report.  Whether you decide to create a do it yourself Rescheck or hire a Rescheck service like Rescheck.info we want you to have the most relevant Rescheck information available.

Your first questions should be do I have a set of plans.  If for some reason you do not have a set of plans in PDF we can solve this issue a couple ways.  First, we have a partnership with most local office supply stores like Staples and Office Deport that will allow you have your plans scanned and sent to us.  Second, you can email us a picture of your plans using a smart phone.  The beauty of providing Reschecks today is that smartphone camera technology has improved so much in recent years even the most intricate details of a construction print can be read with great accuracy just by using a picture of your plans off a smart phone.

Simple Instructions to Complete a Rescheck

Next you will need to know where you are building to have a Rescheck created for your project.  We do offer free lifetime modifications to any Rescheck we create so if you do not know the exact address we can use the city or a nearby city until you have the jobsite address for your Rescheck.  Once you have the Rescheck address we can add it to your Rescheck free of charge almost instantly.

Some other items you need to think about when creating a Rescheck are which code you should use.  In states like Colorado you have jurisdictions requiring as many as 5 different codes for Rescheck reporting and some building departments requiring different Reschecks can be as close as 10 miles apart.  The codes you see in Colorado for Reschecks are IECC 2006, IECC 2009, IECC 2012, IECC 2015, and most recently IECC 2018 in cities like Denver and Fort Collins.  Being the leader in Rescheck reporting for the State of Colorado we are glad to contact your building department for you and find the correct energy code for your building department.  Texas Rescheck reporting can be just as confusing as you see building departments their using up to 5 separate codes as well.  We can help you sort through the “which energy code should I use?” questions on your Texas Rescheck.  Whether it is the IECC 2006, IECC 2009, IECC 2012, IECC 2015, or IECC 2018 in a city like San Antonio we have the right connections with your building department to get your Rescheck passed upon the first plan submit.

Another item you need to think about on your Rescheck is the amount of time involved.  We at Rescheck.info can create a Rescheck report for you in about 4-6 hours and we charge only $79.  There are other services out there but they overcharge you with complex pricing schemes and charge you up to $150 to make a modification even when they included the wrong information on your report.  If you need a Rescheck report that is delivered to you same day for only $79 and includeds free lifetime modifications then Rescheck.info is the only solution.  The other options is a Do it Yourself Rescheck.  However if your time is worth more than $20 per hour you can easily spend 10-12 hours creating your first Rescheck which can make it the most expensive way to create your first one.

If you are ready to get your Rescheck started today simply email your plans to service@rescheck.info and we will get you taken care of.




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