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Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to discuss the many different uses of a Rescheck and how you might be able to utilize online Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop to improve your next addition, alteration, renovation, modification, or new construction project.  Rescheck can be used for many things and today we will discuss a few.

Real estate agents have been known to use a Rescheck report within the sales listing of a property.  All things equal a property that has a Rescheck compliance certificate on the same block should demand more value because of the lifetime energy savings over a home that was built without the applicable code.  As a matter of fact we have seen a large influx of cities around the United States not allowing real estate closings until the proper Rescheck is filed for a structure even if it has been years since the construction was complete.

The most common use is withing building departments.  Basically you building inspector will want to see your building components of the home compared to the climate zone you are building in.  The Rescheck allows these items to work together as a system and all together with the calculations, checklist, and compliance certificate gives you, your contractor, and your building inspector the confidence you need to know you are using the right materials for the job.

Another use we have seen within some of the largest homebuilding companies in America is to use the Rescheck report to compare materials and ultimately find the best blend of energy efficiency and cost savings.  An individual homeowner might save thousands on one project by using suggested R Values in a Rescheck report, but a large homebuilding company could save millions over thousands of homes just by using a Rescheck report to double check the pricing and efficiency on a project they build quite often.

One final use we see is by people who want to upgrade their current home.  Even when their building department does not require a Rescheck energy report they use the report to figure out where is the best spot to upgrade insulation in their home and what R value they should be shooting for.  Rescheck equals a very simple way to make sure you are getting the best insulation values in windows, doors, ceilings, walls, and foundation for your climate zone and it is done elegantly and simply.

If you need a Rescheck for one of these use cases or possibly any other just let us know.  We charge $79 and all you need to do is email your plans to [email protected]  We can handle your report in 4-6 hours and have your Rescheck in your hand promptly.  Thanks for reading the Reschexpert blog, listening to The Rescheck Podcast, and using .