This example below is brought to you by the Rescheck Podcast, Reschexpert Blog, and users of  At we also work on Manual J heat loss along with our Rescheck reporting.  Today we experienced an interesting question regarding a Manual J in mountainous Utah.  His question could also be relevant in any mountainous state where the altitude and climate can change with just a 10-15 mile drive quite drastically.  We frequently see instances like these in North Carolina, Tennessee, Colorado, and Montana to name a few.  The question about the Utah Manual J went something like this.

Sundance Utah Manual J client: 

“Thank you so much for getting this Manual J back to me quickly.  I noticed it use the elevation of Provo Utah. The ZIP Code 84604 is Provo Utah. The cabin is at Sundance Utah which is up in the mountain and the elevation is 6509. Does that elevation difference change any of the results of these checks?”

Our response was something like this:  

“The climate data for Manual J software comes from the nearest airport, so Provo was the closest option for Sundance.
Besides Provo Airport I also looked at
Salt Lake IAP Manual J climate  and altitude data
Hill Air Force Base Ogden Manual J climate  and altitude data
Evanston Wyoming Manual J climate  and altitude data
Price Carbon Co AP Manual J climate  and altitude data
The closest specs to your altitude is Price, but a further distance, so I am attaching that Manual J set as well.  Results are similar.”
Below we show you both examples of the Manual J heat loss for Sundance Utah using climate data from Provo Utah first and then Price Utah Second.
Provo, Utah Climate and Altitude data for Manual J Heat Loss calculations in Sundance, Utah
Price, Carbon County Utah Climate and Altitude data for Manual J Heat Loss calculations in Sundance, Utah
The takeaways are that even locations in close proximity can have different specs so it good to check multiple locations for climate similarities on every Manual J that is performed.  We look at airport data nearby and derive the best location for our client.  In an instance like this either Manual J would work for sizing a suitable system.  Some instances the heating and cooling btus on the Manual J could differ great enough to demand a different approach.
Thanks again for reading the Reschexpert blog and we hoped you enjoyed this in depth study of Utah Manual Js and Manual Js for mountainous states with greatly varying altitudes and temperature variations.  If you have a Manual J you would like us to prepare simply email us a set of your plans to  For $79 we can take care of your Manual J and have it back to you 4-6 hours.  Or simply click buy now.


Utah Manual J Altitude Questions Samples
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Utah Manual J Altitude Questions Samples
Utah Manual J Altitude Questions Samples
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