Amazingly enough in the past days we had 3 separate homes come through with basketball courts inside the homes.  These homes were spread out around the country from Texas, Illinois, and Utah.  We wanted to discuss some thing you should think about when creating Reschecks, Manual J, Manual S, and Manual D for your project that includes an indoor sports or basketball court.

The Rescheck is pretty cut and dry for a sports court.  You treat it just like the rest of your home if the area is conditioned.  Analyze the ceiling, walls, roof, windows, and doors and apply the typical code.  One area that you need to focus on is the wall height.  Most basketball goals are 10′ high with an even higher backboard.  When arching a 3 pointer in the air you easily need 18′-20′ of ceiling height minimum to make the court usable.  So for the Rescheck and Manual J make sure that you take this higher wall area into account.

The next area that you need to think of is your Manual J.  Along with the higher walls the possibility of multiple people sweating on the indoor sports court could really increase the latent heat load on your Manual J.  A half court you could easily figure 5 people, and full court you would want to account for 10 people.  Of course this depends on usage.  If you are just doing a basketball theme in your garage and you plan to park a Ferrari at midcourt feel free to choose a lower latent load for your structure.

For the Manual S a unit that can effectively clear the humidity will be key.  Basketball can get rather sweaty and the last thing you want is a moldy indoor basketball court.  Having the right size unit means that it is not too large because this can cause short cycling.  Too small of a unit and it will never properly heat and cool the area while running continuously under great strain.

For the duct work, we see alot of users of indoor sports courts using a more industrial style exposed duct work.  Even the duct socks that have perforated edges can work well at keeping your indoor basketball court warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Appropriate sizing of your indoor sports court duct work will mean the proper CFM of air will flow into your space for years to come.

Overall, building an indoor sports arena at your home can be an exciting time.  There are many things you need to think of from your Rescheck to Manual J, Manual S, and Manual D.  If you need a Rescheck or manual on any indoor sports court or just regular home we are here to help.  Simply click submit plans in the bottom right of the screen or email them to now.


Energy Reports for Indoor Sports Courts
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Energy Reports for Indoor Sports Courts
Energy Reports for Indoor Sports Courts
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