Today on the Reschexpert blog, Rescheck Podcast and Rescheck forum and directory for users of we want to discuss with you the secrets of Rescheck “they” might not want you to know.  

The first area we see that most people might not know, is that certain cities and climate zones are only available in certain versions of Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop.  If for some reason you cannot locate your city in your version of Rescheck Software our best advice to you is to try another.  We currently have multiple computers at our Rescheck creation center running all different versions of Rescheck so we can locate your city and climate zone on every Rescheck we create.  While you might think the latest version of each Rescheck Software is the greatest, codes like Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling code has totally disappeared from newer Rescheck version.  The wild part about this revelation is that many building departments still require this code that is no longer available on the newest rescheck updates.  So your option is to find an older version that still contains the code, or use IECC 2009 and cross your fingers it does not kick back at building permit time.

The second secret area of Rescheck services has to do with pricing.  Most Rescheck services charge outrageous prices and turn projects around slowly at best.  Completing your first Rescheck can take 10-12 to totally master the software, but once you become proficient with Rescheck web and Rescheck desktop you can typically generate a quality Rescheck in about 4-6 hours.  However most Rescheck services still charge you to create your Rescheck at the 10-12 hour service rate so you end up overpaying on every project that you submit to them.  The final area of pricing that is kept secret is that most Rescheck services charge $100-$500 for Rescheck modifications.  We make it no secret at that our modifications are free for the life of the project.  This comes from our background in the custom home building industry.  You only get one chance to build the home you want, so if you need the ability to modify the project to the way you want.  That means modifications to your project are free for the life of your construction project on every Rescheck, no need to whisper this secret.

The next area that has been somewhat of a surprise to us is that some of the newer codes like IECC 2018 and IECC 2015 actually can provide a higher passing score than the older IECC codes for Rescheck.  We are currently in the middle of study multiple Reschecks from multiple states and compiling the difference in passing rates for the same Rescheck using different codes.  Some of the findings have been shocking.  It is totally possible that the switch to IECC 2018 in cities like Denver, Fort Collins, Denver, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and San Antonio has actually led to more leniency in terms of greater passing scores for certain projects.  Also the move to IECC 2015 in Berthoud, Colorado, and Weber County, Utah produced some amazing results as well and we have seen some interesting scores come across the board as we calculate Rescheck for all across the United States.  It is no secret communities are interested in updating their energy codes as it pertains to Rescheck.  It may be a secret however that some of the newer codes can actually generate higher passing scores than some of the older versions of Rescheck software.  We feel this is due to better options within the software and more accuracy in terms of climate zones and calculation parameters, but we are not ready to release the final findings of our Rescheck study yet, so that will need to remain a secret……

The final area that is often kept under wraps in the Rescheck world is that a building inspector often has ultimate control over the Rescheck process.  Even if a Rescheck passes, it may be possible for the building department to require a specific local item in your construction project.  Our stance on this is that we totally agree with what the building inspector and building department require, and we will do whatever needs to be done to make sure the client builds the most efficient home possible.  We are in the business of Rescheck compliance so learning new tips and tricks from local building inspectors allows us to create future reports for their departments correctly the next time we see a project from there.  This learning experience we receive from the brain trusts at building departments around the United States allows us to improve our end product on each Rescheck we create and continue to innovate and implement suggestions for our Reschecks directly from the building inspector.  The real secret here is that your building inspector and building department are actually fantastic resources when it comes to Reschecking.  Many of them will actually help calculate a Rescheck if you need them because they know what works for their climate zone and what doesn’t.  Also they do not want to reject projects, because that means they have to look at them twice.  Having the correct Rescheck in your building permit submital can go a long way in easing your building inspectors work load, that’s what we do.

Overall, there are plenty of secrets and dark back alleys when it comes to Reschecks and Rescheck service providers. We want to keep you knowledgeable about them and help you avoid the bad actors.  We try our best to discuss every angle of Reschecks for our large following of Rescheck providers, building inspectors, building departments, energy lobbyists, homeowners, architects, engineers, contractors, and homeowners alike.   If you are over wading through the secret dark world of Reschecks and Rescheck software it might be time to hire us to complete your Rescheck for  you.  Simply email plans to and click buy now, here.

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