Welcome to the Reschexpert blog, Rescheck podcast, Rescheck User forum, and Rescheck directory at https://www.rescheck.info .  Today we want to work with you on Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, and Manual D emergencies and how to handle them properly.

Your building inspector just wheeled your new construction, alteration, or addition project in from the back room on a stretcher.  Turns out your project is flat lining because a necessary energy report like a Rescheck, Manual D duct sizing, Manual S hvac equipment sizing, or Manual J loss was not turned as required by your local, state, or national energy code.  Typically this would not be a big deal, but you have excavators on site and more subcontractors to arrive this afternoon.  Big delays will cost you big money and the opportunity cost of completing a required section of your home before an impending weather front you need to get this energy report emergency corrected today.

The best process to correct this emergency differs from an actual emergency in that instead of picking up the phone and dialing 911. all you need to do is click “fix my energy report emergency now” and email your construction prints to service@rescheck.info .  Our Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, Manual D (depending on which home energy report you order) will jump in to action and revive your construction project the very same day.  We can have your jobsite back on its feet and moving ahead within 4-6 hours.  

Another scenario we see quite often is that you ordered a energy report from a fly by night energy inspector who created the wrong information, or left out key portions of the home.  Either way, the building inspector has stopped your project because of this.  You call the other energy auditors number only to get a busy signal or a voicemail.  Their promise of 48+ hour delivery, slow as it may be, will still ring hollow as your project perishes in the waiting room.  Again, this is where Rescheck.info can step in.  Simply click save my project with an energy report fast and email your plans to service@rescheck.info.  We are here for your project and ready.  Once contractor described it as, “It is like you guys already know when I am about to order a Rescheck”.  

If your project is flat lined because of a code issue, forgotten Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, Manual D, or another Energy Audit service that has let you and your project down.  There is only one thing that you need to do.  Email plans to service@rescheck and pick your report right here. Our process works like this.  We will let you know we received your plans and print off a full size set.  We will complete all the needed calculations for your Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, or Manual D.  Then we will send you project back and you can deal with your Rescheck emergency head on and get your project on the road to recovery.

Thanks for using https://www.rescheck.info and listening to the Rescheck podcast while reading the Reschexpert blog.  Without technical home energy audit readers like yourself we would never have the support to be available for you and your construction projects and react swiftly in emergency situations.


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