Manual JSD Rescheck Comcheck Questions for


My answers below in bold and a fresh report.
  • I noticed you have listed the foundation as 4′ Mine will not be that deep as I have high surface water when the fields nearby are irrigated. That’s the reason for the low crawl space. I’ll have only about a 30″ wall exposed in crawl space
Modified to 30″
  • Exterior doors are listed as solid, Would that be same as insulated metal doors
  • the garage will be insulated with R11 – R13 in walls R19 or better in ceiling and car doors will be R12 or better Does the help?
Garage does not count in calculations
  • we will be using the LED pancake lights instead of the traditional recessed lights. Not sure if this is part of the calculation
Lights do not count in calculations
  • After Meeting with my HVAC guy yesterday we are using a HI efficiency gas furnace 95-98% to heat main part of house.
This is not part of the calculations.  Rescheck works on your climate zone vs insulation used.
  • The bonus room will have its own heat source.   Possibly a PTAC type of unit. 
This is not part of Rescheck.
I’m just wondering if any of this will help me out as the 4.7% BTC is a little close. 
4.7% is a healthy margin to pass by (Your new report passes by 4.4%).   This is in the higher range of what we see on a daily basis over multiple reports.  As the report states this % is just how close to compliance based on trade off rules.  It is not an estimate of energy use or cost relative to a minimum code home.
Your fresh report is attached.  Basically all you need to do is click print and you have everything you need for the energy side of your permit.


Manual JSD Rescheck Comcheck Questions for
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Manual JSD Rescheck Comcheck Questions for
Manual JSD Rescheck Comcheck Questions for
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