As the web’s leader for all things technically related to online energy reporting through the use of our Rescheck Podcast, Reschexpert Blog, and Rescheck User forum and directory at .  Today we want to discuss with you industry trends in the energy reporting field and which U.S. states see the most energy reporting needs when it comes to usership of https:/ services, listeners to our podcast, and users of our Reschexpert blog.  Ultimately, who is using the most to have their Reschecks, Manual Js, Manual Ss, and Manual Ds created.  Also where should you as industry professional look for the largest opportunities to grow your practice by sewing your energy reporting business seeds in the proper fertile fields.

The first states I want to talk about should be no surprise.  Away from the mainland Alaska and Hawaii have diverse climates and unique energy needs that cannot be supported by certain parts of the US energy grid on a day to day basis.  This means these states have gone above and beyond to push energy efficiency standards.  Because of this focus on energy efficiency we see Alaska and Hawaii taking a lion’s share of the energy reporting market even though their population and US construction data might not show the same results.  The need for efficiency drives these states to be at the top of leaderboard in Reschecks, manual js, manual s, and manual ds.

The next states are no surprise to many as they know the climate presents unique demands to architects, engineers, hvac technicians, and home energy professionals on every home they build.  North Dakota and South Dakota produce such an amazing amount of home energy reports every year that we have one section of our energy audit office that we lovingly call the “Dakotas.”  Every day we see a need from these states for help with Reschecks, Manual S, Manual J, and Manual D and we have the “Dakotas” portion of our team uniquely in tune with the major insulation and hvac needs that this area requires.  If there were two states to spend more marketing dollars and time for a home energy audit company in 2019, this would be a top choice for any energy auditor.

After that we move down south to three states that are barely adjacent to each other.  Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi share warm humid summers and somewhat chilly arrid winters.  They also share a home energy market that is bludgeoning the competition when it comes to shear number of home energy audits these markets require on a week to week basis.  One reason for this is the detail that state and local officials have placed into making energy code a priority.  A great place to look for additional business for you home energy audit or locate a new office is the states of Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi.  Just be sure to prepare for the extra volume and plan accordingly.

Our final state that has seen over the top performance in 2018 and 2019 is Montana.  It is no surprise that this state requires the number one position as the state with most energy audits in the United States.  Think for a moment about all the diverse areas of the state and how those affect the construction of the same home plan in different location.  Now consider the emphasis that local building departments and officials are placing on make sure every home constructed is done so in an efficient manor.  You then have the result of a state like Montana having the highest daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly volume in energy reports, rescheck podcast listeners, users of the user forum, and posts on the energy audit directory.  Our prediction is that this state will continue to pull further away from the others as the infrastructure is in place to make sure this trend continues for years and decades to come.

Over the years there have been several leading states in the home energy audit world, and everyone who performs a Manual J, Manual S, Manual D, or Rescheck knows the names we just discussed by heart.  If you need a place to generate leads and sales for your home energy professionals within your company starting with Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Arkansas, and Tennessee.  If you have a plan you need to submit for energy audit in one of these states or any other simply email plans to and we will get you taken care of.

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Top States for Energy Reporting
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