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Where do I start with my Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, or Manual D?  This is a common questions we hear from users of our Reschexpert blog, Rescheck podcast, and Rescheck discussion forum.  Today we want to demystify the process and shine some light the best first steps take.

Your best use of time when getting started on your Rescheck, Manual J S D is to visit your building department or their homepage.  Pick up the most recent copy of their building permit checklist.  Finding out exactly which reports your building department will require is paramount in saving you time and money on the energy audit portion of your construction project.  Once you have the checklist and list of reports your require you are ready to move to step 2.

Step two will be to decide whether you can create the reports yourself, whether you need to find a Rescheck Manual JSD service to create them for you, or if the architect who created your plans has already provided them for your project.  If you plan to create the them yourself we encourage you to look through our in depth technical resources available on the Reschexpert blog for creating Reschecks and Manual JSD yourself.  If you need to hire a service we can offer these reports to you.  Simply email a PDF of your plans and a jobsite address to [email protected]  Also speaking to your architect or designer of the project might yield fruit because it is totally possible that your design firm has taken care of some, or all of these reports for you.

Now that you have your method for getting the reports created you need to work on the rest of your building permit application while you energy reports are being created.  This way you will be ready to submit the total application as soon as your energy reporting process is complete.  We appreciate you reading our fast and easy to use tip section of the Reschexpert blog and hope you will join us next time.  If you need energy reports created for your simply submit your plans in the lower right hand side of the screen by clicking the paperclip.

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