The Reschexpert blog and routinely look at differences in code models in regards to the same project and how the codes perform on the same project in a head to head basis.  This time we chose to look at the metrics of who was adopting the IECC 2018 code and how that compares per capita to the population metrics of other IECC codes and how quickly they were adopted.

IECC 2018 and the large population of areas that are quickly adopting IECC 2018 code leaves it as one of the fastest pace of adoption codes since the inception of IECC Energy Codes.  Cities like Chicago (also the entire state of Illinois), San Antonio, Tuscon, Las Vegas, Gallatin, Denver, Fort Collins, New Braunfels, and several others have tipped the population of adoption scale rapidly in favor of IECC 2018.

With the facts in hand of the rapid adoption of IECC 2018 across the United States as a building code and ultimately energy code for calculating Reschecks.  We can only speculate that the IECC 2018 will slowly replace codes that are now over a decade old like IECC 2006 and IECC 2009.  The time it takes to receive a larger part of the pie is anticipated to fall in the 18-24 month range and will ultimately be decided by when and if the DOE decides to support IECC within Rescheck Desktop. 

Front Range Colorado Rescheck

Also speculation has increased that the failure to include the IECC 2018 in the newest versions of Rescheck Desktop might mean that they plan to phase the desktop version of Rescheck software out completely in favor of a cloud based Rescheck Web setup.  Remember way back in 2016 when Rescheck Mac and Rescheck Apple support was removed?  Well it turns out they just point you towards the web and cloud version or Rescheck Web nowadays.  Our thesis is that the rapid pace of IECC 2018 and only allowing users to learn the software on the web based Rescheck Web platform will eventually lead to the full phase out of all Rescheck desktop based services.  It makes sense to us as we find Rescheck Web to be the fastest most reliable software for creating reports using IECC 2018, IECC 2015, IECC 2012, IECC 2009, or any of the state specific codes.

If IECC 2018 is to overtake any of the older codes in a head to head matchup it will probably come down to the areas of the United States which have adopted no energy code whatsoever and a legislative upgrade to the most current code which would be IECC 2018.  A large majority of the areas moving to the IECC 2018 energy code for Reschecks were already using the IECC 2015 to begin with so the move does represent such a large leap of faith.

To keep up to all the most recent news and follow developments with the IECC 2018 energy code please keep an eye on the Reschexpert blog as we provide in depth technical research to everything Rescheck related.  To get an energy report started simply email us plans or click submit plans in the bottom right of the screen.

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IECC 2018 On Pace to Become Fastest Adopted Code
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IECC 2018 On Pace to Become Fastest Adopted Code
IECC 2018 On Pace to Become Fastest Adopted Code
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