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Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to give you a behind the scenes look at what takes place each time a user needs an energy report for their new construction, addition, or home alteration project.

Occasionally people call us.  The easiest way to get a project started is to click buy now and email plans to [email protected]

Some of the most common questions people ask us on the phone as first time users:

Are you guys real?  Yes.  We understand our prices seem very low, but our only goal is to help you build the most efficient home possible.  We charge low prices so everyone can have the opportunity to build an efficient home, and we offer free modifications so that if you need to change something during your project you can do that easily and make sure the home is built how you want it.

Do you do Energy Reports in my area?  Yes.  The easiest way to get a project started is to click buy now and email plans to [email protected]

How long does it take?  We can turn most Energy Reports around in 4-6 hours.  Pre paid orders are always processed before post pay orders, because it allows us to skip the invoicing step and work on energy reports instead of accounting.  The easiest way to get a project started is to click buy now and email plans to [email protected]

What exactly do you need?  You can send us the entire set of PDF plans that you have, a hand drawn sketch, or use your smart phone to take a picture of your blueprint in good lighting.  We also need a jobsite address.  We also need square footage.  At a maximum you can send us everything you have on your project and we are glad to sort through and pick out what we need.  


After answering a set of questions very similar to this a client will email us a PDF of plans, a jobsite address and square footage.  We print off a full size set of plans and start each calculation by hand.  We go through the entire plan from front to back and process the information we need to calculate your Rescheck, Comcheck, Manual J, Manual D, or Manual S.  Once we have all the data collected we then move to our computer and enter this information in the respective software for each energy report you have requested.

Once the data is entered we perform a series of checks to make sure each calculation matches the paper blueprints we have on file.  We then package the PDF of reports and send it back to the client on pre-pay orders.  On post-pay orders we then send the information to accounting that the report is ready.  Accounting creates an invoice.  The invoice is sent to the client.  

Once the report is received by the client all they need to do is click print and they have everything they need for the energy side of their permit.  Any modifications needed can be requested and handled quickly and promptly.

If you are ready to get a Rescheck, Comcheck, Manual J, Manual S, or Manual D started today we are ready to handle your order.  The easiest way to get a project started is to click buy now and email plans to [email protected]

Thank you for reading the Reschexpert blog.


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