Rescheck example forum discussion Rescheck options

Formulated by Jobe Leonard with and the Reschexpert blog.  Rescheck FAQ for DIY Rescheck creators is his specialty and you can find a fantastic one below.

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Rescheck example forum discusssion Rescheck options

Below is a recent Rescheck DIY discussion on our Rescheck forum showing the multiple uses and options of insulation and IECC codes that can be used on a Rescheck

Attached and below is the information for our multifamily project, Below are the target R values. If it doesn’t pass, try increasing the roof insulation first. Windows and sliding doors will probably be Andersen 200 series.

Rescheck Example

We look forward to your report.


Roof: Minimum R-38

Walls: R-21

Typical Floor above garage -12” thick slab:

R-.68 Inside air film

R-.8 Laminate Flooring & underlayment

R-1.02 Gypcrete with acoustimat

R-10 2” Rigid Insulation (XPS)

R-.8 12” Concrete

R-Value = 13.3

1000 sf of garage slab at columns is 24” thick (see pdf)

R-.68 Inside air film

R-.8 Laminate Flooring & underlayment

R-1.02 Gypcrete

R-10 2” Rigid Insulation (XPS)

R-1.6 24” Concrete

R-Value = 14.2

Yes you can tell me what you would like to use for insulation.

I need elevations, floor plans, jobsite address, and square footages of each floor.

If we send you the multifamily project for a rescheck, do we tell you what our target insulation levels are? We would like to only have R-19 in the parking garage ceiling, but the prescriptive requirement is R-30.What plan info do you need. Full plans are 60+ pages.


We charge $79 for a Rescheck any size and $199 for a Comcheck over 3000 SQ feet.

You can reply to this email with your plans, jobsite addresses, and total sq ft of each.

We can complete the reports and email you a project recap and invoice once complete.

Do you do multifamily residential. We have a 3 story apartment building over an unheated parking garage in . code allows compliance with rescheck for this type of structure. The building is approximately 13,073 sf per floor with pretty consistent windows and sliding glass doors to balconies.

Also, do you do ComCheck for commercial buildings? We have a warehouse project.

Please let us know if services are available and what your pricing is.


I wanted to let you know I received your plans. Plotting off full size sets and starting your calculations now. I will send you a project recap and invoice once complete.

Thank you for your business.


The Rescheck for your home is complete Congratulations, it passes.

Here is the invoice for the project. Once completed the full PDF of the REScheck report will send. Pay Here

As part of my service if you require modifications to the REScheck report at anytime during your construction just let me know, and I will handle them for you free of charge.

Thank you for your business. Your REScheck report, checklist, and compliance certificate are attached.

Let me know if you have any modifications at anytime during your project, and I will make them for you free of charge. Thank you again for your business.

Hi ,

Thanks for the quick turnaround. I have a couple of concerns. The Construction type should be Multi-family. Also according to our info, the climate zone in Somerset County is 5A. Please clarify.


I can modify to multifamily but the climate zone is built into the software for the city.

Can you modify single family to multifamily in PDF escape and GREEn

Ok, but I am a little confused because when I log on to rescheck web on another project, it doesn’t list . How do you get that? If i put in Watchung, the next town over, it gives me climate zone 5 (5227 HDD). Same HDD but different zone. Any idea why?


In our software it shows and that is the climate for it. Would you like us to use a city other than for your report?

I downloaded 4.6.5 and it still doesn’t show an option for , so I am still confused as to how you are getting that. Does it still pass if you pick watchung, zone 5A?

Your project fails by 7+% in Watchung. Would you like to up any of your insulation values?

Try roof insulation at 49

R 49 fails by 5%. See attached.

Here are your modifications. Let me know if anything else comes up. I will be glad to help.

Thanks again for your business.

Hi ,

Please try the following three different options on the Watchung zone 5 version of the project to try and pass. Make sure construction type is Multi-family.

Add continuous insulation to the walls. Start with 1/2” R-2.5. If that doesn’t pass try R-5, R-10.

Add R-19 fiberglass batts at the garage ceiling. We would have to install a suspended ceiling for this option.

Add 2 more inches of rigid foam (R-10) on top of the garage floor slab so the foam goes from 10 to 20

Hopefully one of these will pass zone 5. The builder will decide which is most cost effective.

Here is modification as multifamily. The wall with R 5 continuous created a pass for the project.

Thanks .

Did either of the other options create a pass?

Looks like all 3 options work. Here are the other 2.


Great, one last thought.

Can you check if the first option with the R-5 Ci on the exterior walls still works if you reduce the roof insulation to R-38?

Let me know.


Ok, so maybe one more. I see the extra rigid on the floor passed by 4%. Can you please try R-5 (total rigid R-15) instead of R-10 (total rigid R-20)

Thanks again,

Here is the option with R 38 and also the option for +R5 on the subfloor.


to me

, I think the garage slab R values for the +5 subfloor version should me 18 and 19 since it was 13 and 14 before. Please verify.

Thanks, Have a great weekend!

Hi ,

We have another option we would like to try based on the R-19 file. Please see attached.

We want to eliminate the R-10 rigid foam on the slab and use R-30 in the suspended ceiling. However there will be no R-30 at the 1000 sf where the concrete is thicker. Here there will only be the R-3.0 from the 24” thick slab and flooring.

Please start with R-38 in the roof and bump it to R-49 if that doesn’t work.

If that doesn’t work, add R-13 cavity insulation to the 1000 sq ft of floor with the 24” slab.

Finally, see if you can figure out why it is showing steel and wood framing next to the concrete floor over unconditioned space description. It is just concrete.

Please reply all with the report.

Thanks for all the help,

The cont. insul. at the 11,797 of conc slab is supposed to be 2.3. Will that still pass?

This is what it looks like with R 2.3 continuous in the 11797.

Hi ,

Let’s do this,

Add the R-30 and R-13 into the continuous number. It will actually be continuous since it is laying on top of a dropped ceiling and there will be no framing members between the batts to cause a thermal bridge. Hopefully that will fix it/

Also, we need to solve the weird assembly name for the garage ceiling.

I do not understand the add the R30 and R13 to the continuous. Could you explain.

Also what would you like for the replacement of the basement assembly language?

See the up notes. Can you just remove that wording about steel and 2×12’s It should just be concrete floor over unconditioned space.

Just take the 30 and 13 out of the cavity column and make the continuous column 32.3 and 16 per the notes.


That’s much better. Try changing the R-16 slab back to 3 and see if it still works.


This swaps it back to R3. Still passes.


Let’s try one last thing. Swap the roof insulation back to R-38 and see if that passes.


R 38 passes as well.

Thank you,

Lets try one more. Bump the roof back to 49, but make the concrete floor 21.3 instead of 32.3 and see if that works. it might be the winner.


That version fails.


Try putting the 1000 sf garage back to R-16 continuous

That version works.

It still shows 3.0 instead of 16 as the continuous insul for the 1000 sf concrete floor?

Sorry for any confusion. What I wanted to see is this version, but with R-16 instead of R-3 at the 1000 sf concrete garage ceiling.


Try this version.

Yes, that passes.

I think that’s a winner!!

Thanks for all your help. Will definitely send you more and simpler jobs!

Please change to IECC 2018. Hopefully it still passes.


This does not pass under IECC 2018 Rescheck. See attached.



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