Fast Growing Texas Cities That Require Rescheck

Written by Jobe Leonard with and the Reschexpert Blog.  He keeps a keen eye on Texas population data as it pertains to construction starts and Texas Rescheck reporting.

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Texas Rescheck Quick Facts:

Every construction project in Texas requires a Rescheck.

92% of Texas uses the IECC 2015 for Rescheck.

7% of Texas Building Department’s have upgraded to IECC 2018 for Rescheck.

1% of Texas still uses IECC 2009 or IECC 2012.

100% of Texas Rescheck Projects can be completed on Rescheck Web.

93% of Texas Reschecks can be created on Rescheck Desktop which does not include support for IECC 2018.


Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to discuss with you what some of the fastest growing cities are and how they are handling the Rescheck Compliance report at their local building departments.  Most Texas cities are currently using IECC 2015 and IECC 2018.  There no doubt that each of these fast growing Texas Rescheck cities will have their eyes on the IECC 2021 as it pertains to Reschecks over the coming years.

Austin and Roundrock are the forefront of Rescheck adoption.  Being the Texas’s capital and surrounding these areas set the precedent for the entire state.  IECC 2015 Rescheck is what is generally accepted and also be prepared to submit a Manual J and S if requested by the fine building departments in these Texas cities.

Midland is growing at a very rapid pace which means an accelerated pace of New Construction, Addition, and Alteration Reschecks for Midland Texas.  Typically a Rescheck will be required when building in Midland and you will want to submit this with your initial set of plans to make sure that the Rescheck energy report does not hold up the permitting process of your construction project.

San Antonio and New Braunfels are the one area that is requesting IECC 2018 Reschecks on 100% of their construction projects.   With the fast growth rate of this area this means they are seeing plenty of IECC 2018 Reschecks submitted to the New Braunfels and San Antonio area building departments.  We expect this area to continue steady growth and possibly be one of the first areas to look at IECC 2021 for Rescheck when it is released.  With San Antonio and New Braunfels requesting the IECC 2018 Rescheck this also means that you can only create Reschecks for here using Rescheck Web instead of Rescheck Desktop.  This is because IECC 2018 for Reschecks is only supported on Rescheck Web and not Rescheck Desktop.

Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington are very similar in growth rate and also in how they require a Rescheck when construction a new home, addition to an existing structure, or alteration of a home involving an insulation cavity.  To create these Reschecks you can use IECC 2015 and either the Department of Energy’s Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop software.

Houston, The Woodlands, and Sugar Land are all cities in Texas that you will need to turn in a Rescheck calculation, checklist, and compliance certificate for.  We typically see IECC 2015 Reschecks in these areas.  One should note that when creating a Houston Rescheck you will need the information about duct insulation and SEER rating of HVAC equipment before submitting the initial Rescheck.  You can still submit your Rescheck to the Houston Building Department without it, but before your permit is finalized it will need to be on the compliance certificate page of your Houston Rescheck.

Houston Texas Rescheck and Manual J

Sherman and Denison are Texas cities that have shown mass adoption of Rescheck reports, Rescheck Web, and Rescheck Desktop.  Builders in Sherman and Denison Texas are the most familiar with Rescheck and Rescheck softwares in the entire state.  This also means they understand the needs of the local building department when submitting their Rescheck for a building permit.

College Station and Bryan Texas rank very high on our Texas Rescheck Radar mainly because of the unique characteristics of construction projects in this area.  Whether the project is new home, an extra bedroom added to an existing home, or just finishing a basement we have seen the requirement of an IECC 2015 using the end users choice of Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop for each project in these cities.

Odessa stands alone as a Texas Rescheck city mainly because of the population growth over the past decade.  This means responsible energy efficient construction is at the forefront of the building department’s inspection schedule.  IECC 2015 is what the building inspector will want to see and you will want to submit your Rescheck calcs, inspection checklist, and compliance certificate at the beginning of your project to avoid delays.

Tyler Texas sees plenty of Reschecks and because of its’ climate zone designation do not assume that 2×4 walls of R13 will automatically pass here.  If you do you might be left with a failing Rescheck.  Tyler Texas is one of the most important cities to secure a Rescheck mainly because of the need for greater than an R13 in the wall system.  In some instances it will pass the Rescheck, in others, it will not.  That is why a Rescheck and Manual J is so important in Tyler Texas before building a new home or addition.

Lubbock Texas Reschecks happen all the time using IECC 2015 through the DOE Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop.  The building Dept in Lubbock has basically declared that nothing will be built without a Rescheck on file.  You can choose to either voluntarily submit the Rescheck at the start of construction or have your project held up during construction until you are able to file a proper one.  Typically the easiest way to submit a Lubbock Rescheck is before the project starts.

Thanks for reading the Reschexpert blog on Texas Rescheck and the cities that Require Rescheck in Texas.  If you need a Texas Rescheck using IECC 2015 or IECC 2018 simply email your plans to and we will get you taken care of.


Download the Department of Energy’s Rescheck Desktop here.  Rescheck Desktop Download.

Here is quick link to the Department of Energy’s Rescheck Web Rescheck Creation Page

To order your Rescheck you can visit this link.  Order a Rescheck Energy Report here.






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Fast Growing Texas Cities That Require Rescheck
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