The 2019 construction year is almost over and odds are that if you have not broken ground yet you will be undertaking a Spring 2020 new construction, addition, or home alteration project.  If your project is quickly approaching this Reschexpert blog post is for you.  We have some quick tips for you to make sure your Spring 2020 does not turn into Spring 2021 for the start of your construction project.

The best way to get started on your construction is to know what code you will need to be building under and have a set of construction plans designed to that code.  Starting with knowing whether you are using IECC 2006, IECC 2009, IECC 2012, IECC 2015, IECC 2018 (or maybe even IECC 2021?)  can be valuable to know and abide by early and often on a construction project.  Find a draftsman, architect, or engineering firm and have plans created that achieve your desires for your new construction, addition, or alteration project.

The next area that you need to consider to make sure your 2021 construction project takes place is financing.  Having enough money to pay for your construction project means you have adequate cash flow to pay the contractor, designers, subcontractors, permit office, and a list of about 1,500 more people between now and the end of the project.  Your decision to whether need a construction loan or can pay cash should take into account the entire project budget.  Make sure you have, or will have the total amount of money you will need to build your construction project. 

The final area that you can go ahead and get taken care of the is the energy side of your permit.  By planning the proper insulation, windows, doors, and HVAC system early in your project you can stand to save money.  Knowing what each item should be early will allow you to shop multiple vendors, subcontractors, and bids before making a final decision as to what insulation installers and HVAC providers you will use.  Also knowing the insulation early on can help overcome framing cavity limitations later on in more stringent building areas.  An easy way to achieve this is to look at our Comcheck, Rescheck, Manual J Heat Loss, Manual S Equipment Sizing, Manual Duct Layout, and Manual D Duct Sizing services.  

Thanks for reading the Reschexpert blog and if you are ready to get started with a home energy report simply email a PDF of plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.


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Top Ways to Prepare for Your Spring 2020 Construction
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Top Ways to Prepare for Your Spring 2020 Construction
Top Ways to Prepare for Your Spring 2020 Construction
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