Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to discuss How Rescheck, Comcheck, Manual J, Manual S, Manual D Save You Money.  We will discuss each type of home energy audit and report and how they save you money individually then discuss several ways in which they can help your budget as a group and the corresponding characteristics you can expect during your construction project.

Rescheck is helpful for your construction project because it puts you, your designer, your building inspector, subcontractors, and your contractor all on the same page in terms of what needs to be installed for insulation, windows, doors and other key areas depending on your jurisdiction.  Knowing what type of wall insulation can help you determine whether building with a 2×4 (R13 or R15 cavity) is even feasible in your climate zone.  It might also allow you to know if building with a 2×6 (R19 or R21 cavity) might be overkill for your climate zone allowing you to step down your framing and insulation package.  Or take a look at both and decide later in the project.  The key with the Rescheck is knowing and knowing early what to expect in terms of insulation, framing, windows, and doors.

Comcheck is similar to the Rescheck only it is used for commercial structures.  While finding the insulation envelope that suits your climate zone is paramount.  The Comcheck also includes different checks.  The most common is an interior lighting, exterior lighting, and a mechanical component.  This again allows you to see applicable wattage for these areas and what HVAC systems are planned to be used.  Knowing this information early can save your commercial project mucho dinero.

Manual J is very helpful to save money because it can show you exactly how much energy that each room in your home will use.  Imagine knowing which rooms are the most efficient and which are not and why.  That can help you plan which areas are warm and inviting and which areas might be used as seasonal rooms.  Or maybe with the knowledge to know which areas use the most energy you would modify your construction before starting.  Knowledge is power with the Manual J Heat loss and that is why it is an important money saving step of your new construction, addition, or alteration.

Manual S will convert the BTUs show on the Manual J and optimize an HVAC system for your altitude and climate zone.  Knowing the exact tonnage your home needs can allow you to shop for the best prices on HVAC units, installers, and service.  A Manual S equipment sizing is key for a great HVAC system because it allows your home to have the proper system supplying the needed BTU’s.

A Manual D duct sizing and duct layout for your home allows you to know exactly what each room will need in terms of CFMs and have a corresponding layout to work with the HVAC contractor with.  This report can help you get the most out of your system by delivering the needed CFMs through a well balanced system.  This report makes sure that the ducts are properly analyzed and designed and can make each area in your home more efficient for years to come.

The value of all these reports together is that they save you time and money.  Since time is money it is hard to put a true value on How Rescheck, Comcheck, Manual J, Manual S, Manual D Save You Money.  We do know that having a great plan in place and being able to obtain the best pricing for the optimal products on your new construction, addition, or alteration will save you great deals of money.  This savings is not only present in the initial bids you will receive but also in the energy bills you or your clients will be mailed for decades to come.








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How Rescheck, Comcheck, Manual J, Manual S, Manual D Save You Money
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How Rescheck, Comcheck, Manual J, Manual S, Manual D Save You Money
How Rescheck, Comcheck, Manual J, Manual S, Manual D Save You Money
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