After seeing this instance multiple times in the past.  We decided it was time to dedicate a post to it on the Reschexpert blog.  Here is the occasion, you submit your Rescheck to the building department and you are asked to change your Rescheck Climate Zone from Climate Zone 4 to Climate Zone 5.  This would always work for other instances such as Climate Zone 2 Rescheck to Climate Zone 3 Rescheck or any number of other combinations and arrangements.

One of the most common reasons for this that we have found is that a city is not listed in the software.  The Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop user is then tasked with choosing a nearby city with a similar climate within the software or trying an older or different version of the Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop software.  The issue arises when the climate chosen in the software is different from what the inspector wants to see.  If this is the instance you have a few options.

Your first option is to try an older version of Rescheck Desktop and see if the city or location has changed climate zones.  We have found several locations in Ohio that have changed climate zones over Rescheck Desktop updates.  We have also seen towns in New Jersey Rescheck and Pennsylvania Rescheck that require a climate zone to be used on their Reschecks that is different from what is shown in the software.

This brings up the next way get your permit rolling with the building inspector would like to see a different climate zone than what is shown within the software.  The easiest way to work is with Google Maps.  Type in the city of where you are working and make a list of 10-15 nearby cities.  Now go into your Rescheck Software and see which cities exist.  In the event that you are trying to swap a climate zone 4 Rescheck for a climate zone 5 go through your list of cities and use the nearby city that has climate zone 5 notated underneath the address bar.  You can make a note on the final page of the Rescheck in the Rescheck notes section that states you chose a nearby city in the Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop software in order to achieve the Requested climate zone.

 Keep in mind that when you switch a Rescheck from Climate Zone to Climate Zone your insulation needs will more than likely change.  Be prepared for these changes and ready to add or take away insulation if applicable.

We hope this issue of the Reschexpert blog was useful and will help you creating your own Do It Yourself Reschecks on Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop.  If you would like us to create your Rescheck simply email your plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.



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Climate Zone 4 Rescheck needs to be Climate Zone 5
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Climate Zone 4 Rescheck needs to be Climate Zone 5
Climate Zone 4 Rescheck needs to be Climate Zone 5
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