Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to discuss what the true value of Rescheck is.  We all know that it is free to create a Do It Yourself Rescheck, but what type of future and present value can it give to the architect, engineer, homeowner, or investor in a construction project.  We will discuss these subtle value creation opportunities that Rescheck energy reports create below.

The number one increase in value we see is that even on homes that do not require the Rescheck it can increase resale value by showing a clear and concise report of what types of insulation were used to build the structure.  This takes out the guess work on items like whether the Rescheck report followed IECC 2018, IECC 2015, IECC 2012, IECC 2009 and how the insulation used compares to the climate zone where it is being built.  The utility room is inherently dull on most Real Estate tours but add a shiny new Rescheck to the electrical panel and watch the prospective homeowner’s pull out their checkbook and close.

The second way a Rescheck adds value beyond the initial price tag is by allowing you to optimize your insulation and framing packages.  It is possible you may be able to build with a 2×4 wall and R 15 instead of an R 19 and 2×6 in your climate zone.  This can save thousands off the framing package.  The same thing holds true for windows, doors, roof, and foundation insulation.  We do not necessarily suggest using absolute minimums, but there is peace of mind in knowing what they are and being able to choose your framing and insulation packages based upon what is important to you.  That is additional value that Rescheck Report can provide to you.

Energy savings is a monthly added value that the Rescheck can help you decipher.  Basically, having the right insulation values for your climate zone will help all your systems perform at optimal levels and can ultimately help control energy bills grasps on your monthly budget throughout the life of the home.  The Rescheck passing does not guarantee energy efficiency but at least shows your construction project is in line with what the Department of Energy suggests for your project.

The final area that the Rescheck can add value beyond the initial price is by saving you time.  Many times having the building inspector, architect, contractor, and you on the same page is impossible.  At least when it comes to how your home is insulated you will all be on the same page with a Rescheck using your respective energy code.  This can help avoid mishaps, change orders, delays, permit application failure, material returns, and failed inspections which can cost you plenty of extra money on any construction project.

Overall the Rescheck created in a DIY format can help you save money and has more value that just the initial cost.  If you or someone involved in your project needs a Rescheck we can create it for you.  We charge only $79 and can have it back to you quickly.  Simply email plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.

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What is the Intrinsic Value of a Rescheck?
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What is the Intrinsic Value of a Rescheck?
What is the Intrinsic Value of a Rescheck?
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