Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to discuss with you the option that you have between creating a Rescheck on your own, or hiring a Rescheck Service to create your Rescheck for you.  We will touch on all the items that you should consider when trying to decide whether to create a DIY Rescheck or hire a service to create your Rescheck for you.

The first item that you should consider before attempting your own Rescheck is software familiarity.  Creating Reschecks requires the knowledge of one or two software systems.  These softwares are called Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop.  Rescheck Web is a cloud based Rescheck creation software suite that you can access from a browser to create Reschecks.  Rescheck Desktop will be downloaded to your laptop or desktop hard drive and you will create your Reschecks on your local machine with this version.  To get started on a Rescheck yourself you will need to choose either one of these softwares to begin your Rescheck.  For beginning Rescheck creators we suggest using Rescheck Web because of ease of use.  It is also the only Rescheck software system that includes support for IECC 2018 Reschecks.  So if you are building is an area that requires IECC 2018 you might as well go ahead and start using Rescheck Web.  A service that can create a Rescheck for you will have the availability of either Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop to create your Rescheck for you and will handle the Rescheck software selection for you based on your projects location.

The second item you should weigh when choosing between creating a home energy report at home like a Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, Manual D, or Comcheck is the amount of time it will consume.  We budget 4-6 hours per report on each project.  For beginners this number could easily swell to 10-12 hours per report to create your first Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, Manual D, or Comcheck.  This means to complete 4 reports it might take you 2 whole days, or 4 entire work days.  So for you to choose between doing your own Rescheck and hiring a Rescheck service you need to seriously sit down and budget out your time.  Our Rescheck service charges $269 for a Rescheck, Manual J Heat Loss, Manual S Equipment Sizing, and Manual D duct layout.  If this took even 20 hours of your time that would peg you at a rate of $13.45 per hour.  So theoretically, if you earn more than $13.45 your time would be better spent doing your regular job or working overtime instead of creating your own home energy reports.  So choose wisely what you do with your time when deciding whether to hire your home energy process to someone or do it yourself.

The final item you need to consider is ability level.  It may be possible for you to create a Rescheck, Manual J Heat Loss, Manual S Equipment Sizing, or Manual D Duct layout on your own.  What is the accuracy of this report going to look like?  Consider the first time you made biscuits or pancakes.  Yes, they eventually turned into something that looked like a biscuit or pancake and tasted somewhat like a pancake or biscuit.  However, the worst biscuits and pancakes you made on your first attempt probably ended up in the garbage can.  Even if you are able to create your own Rescheck, Comcheck, or Manual JSD it may be possible that the end result is not something you are comfortable submitting to the building department simply because of a lack or confidence in the final scores.  However, it may be that you have a knowledgeable building inspector that is willing to help you learn.  The more projects you do the more you will be comfortable creating your own energy reports.  The mistakes you make along the way turn into wisdom later.  There is really no way to do Rescheck, Comchecks, and Manual JSD without making mistakes and learning from them.

Overall you have a choice as to whether you will create your own home energy reports.  If you have the time, knowledge, and understanding of Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop then you have the ability to create a Rescheck.  The Manual JSD and Comcheck require different software knowledge.  If you need these reports created for you there are plenty of great Rescheck services, Manual j services, manual s services, comcheck services, and manual d services all over the web to choose from.  We offer each of these reports.  To get started simply email plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.

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Rescheck Service vs Do It Yourself Rescheck
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Rescheck Service vs Do It Yourself Rescheck
Rescheck Service vs Do It Yourself Rescheck
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