Welcome to the Reschexpert blog and Rescheck Podcast.  We would like to thank you for stopping in today.  On today’s issue of the Reschexpert blog we want to discuss what it will take for you to create your first Rescheck.  Some is preparation and other is existing construction knowledge and we will show you how to blend the two into a perfect Rescheck.

First, you need a full size set of prints.  Have your blueprints made at a home supply or blueprint supply store.  Your first Rescheck requires that you will need to see all the details in scale.  If you are an at home DIY Rescheck professional doing several Reschecks per day you might want to consider using a plotter of your own.  This can drop the cost from $10-$15 per plan down to the $5-$8 range and lower your overall costs.  So if you are getting started and want to do it right go ahead and make room for the new blueprint plotter in your home office.

Second thing you will need to create your first Rescheck is an architect’s scale to pull dimensions from the plans that are not intuitive.  This is a 3 sided typically white or silver ruler that allows you to adapt different scales into feet or your desired measurement scale.

Where Can I get a Rescheck Near Me?

Next you need a laptop or desktop computer.  For this first Rescheck we are going to use Rescheck Web.  Open Rescheck Web on your browser and create a login so that you can save your Rescheck project to the cloud.  Once in Rescheck Web go ahead and start a new project and enter everything that you know for certain.  City, State, Building Code, Square Footage, Jobsite Address, Construction Site, and Contractor are all easy items that can help you get your Rescheck 30.26% – 39.87% completed before you even perform the first calculation.

Once you have this basic data entered we suggest you start from the bottom up on your home.  Enter the foundation and the square footage or linear footage based on what it is.  Then move to your walls.  Next add some windows and doors to those walls.  After the windows and doors are entered into Rescheck Web (or Rescheck Desktop), go ahead and move to ceiling.  After entering in the Ceiling and any corresponding skylights you need to Save the project.  Save the project into Rescheck Web and make sure you give it plenty of time.  One pointer for first time Rescheck Web Users is that you need to bring your patience.  At least on my internet connection, the wheel can spin or the hour glass can flip for what seems like an eternity sometimes when saving on Rescheck Web.  Your only option is to wait, because if you move on in Rescheck Web before the Save takes place you will lose all the data you entered after the last Save.  Ask me how I know.

After your project is saved you can generate a PDF copy, Sign, Date, and Submit to your building inspector.  He or She may then give you additional guidance to build the most energy efficient possible.  To make needed corrections simply follow the above First Rescheck steps again.  You now have an easy to use guide to create your first DIY Rescheck on your own.  If you get stuck creating it and it seems too hard for your abilities you can email plans, jobsite address, and square footage to service@rescheck.info and our Rescheck Service will get your Rescheck completed promptly.

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