You might have just heard back from your building department that you need a Rescheck, Manual J, Manual D, Manual S, or Comcheck.  You are now wondering where a Rescheck comes from.  Today on the Reschexpert blog we wanted to discuss with you where the Rescheck comes from.

The Rescheck will typically come from two places.  Rescheck Web is a web based Rescheck software that was developed by the Department of Energy.  Your projects will be stored on the cloud which means you can access them and share with team members anywhere you have an internet connection or hot spot.  Rescheck Web is also the exclusive home to IECC 2018 Rescheck compatibility and receives constant updates.

The second place that a Rescheck Energy Report will come from is Rescheck Desktop.  Rescheck Desktop is a version or Rescheck calculating software that will be hosted on the local hard drive of either your tablet, desktop, or laptop.  You can work on Rescheck without an internet location.  This makes it the top choice for Rural DIY Rescheck creators, jobsites without internet coverage, and anyone who is just taking some time to unplug from the internet for a while and work on complex Rescheck calculations.  Rescheck Desktop is smooth and easy to use.  It saves projects quick and loads even faster.  The one ding we can give it is that it does not include an option for IECC 2018 so if you are creating Reschecks for areas like New Braunfels, Las Vegas, or San Antonio your Rescheck will need to be generated from Rescheck Web.

The third place a Rescheck might come is extremely uncommon.  Back in the day, the Department of Energy had and Apple and Mac based version or Rescheck software.  It was discontinued many years ago.   I still have an old unupdated Apple G6 at the office running the Mac and Apple version of Rescheck Software, however I am reluctant to use it for anything other than research because both the computer and Rescheck Mac/Apple software is unupdated making it a potential source of outdated calculation data and files.  However, it is fun to look at the past and where the Rescheck software has come from to get an idea of where it is going.  If you do get a Rescheck that comes from Apple/Mac software you should consider it rare.  It has been years since I have seen an Apple Rescheck from anywhere other than my own dusty Mac G6 Rescheck creation software.

The final option for where a Rescheck will come from makes sure that you can can always find a Rescheck Near You.  We call this option the Rescheck Service.  A Rescheck Service will take your plans and project data and choose the appropriate Rescheck Software for you whether that be Rescheck Desktop, Rescheck Web, or Rescheck Apple/Mac (probably not).  For a one off project this may be the best idea for Rescheck sourcing because a Rescheck service like can have a project back in 4-6 hours, offers free modifications, and only charges $79.

If you are looking to source a Rescheck simply email plans to along with jobsite address and square footage.   We will choose the appropriate software and code and get your Rescheck promply created.  Answering for you the age old question of Where does a Rescheck come from?




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Where do Reschecks Come From?
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Where do Reschecks Come From?
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