Today on the Reschexpert blog we are going to discuss some areas that we see changes for the New Year with Rescheck, Rescheck Web, and Rescheck Desktop. These areas might be things that everyone sees coming from a mile away or they match catch many building departments, contractors, architects, and engineers across the United States off guard. We want to help you and the many at home DIY Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, Manual D, and Comcheck creators up to date on the latest happening in regards to 2020 energy reporting.

Switching to to IECC 2015 or IECC 2018 will be at the top of the resolution lists for may cities, states, and jurisdictions. As the IECC 2009 and IECC 2012 energy codes age areas are left yearning to update their energy codes and with that comes with updates to their Reschecks. Typically when a code is changed there is cut off date to use the old code. Most of our clients find it easier to go ahead and submit their Rescheck using the newer IECC 2015 or IECC 2018 code for Rescheck because it is more stringent and allows them flexibility in the case of construction delays. We also offer free modifications to our clients so anytone needing to swap from IECC 2009 or IECC 2012 Rescheck to IECC 2015 or IECC 2018 Rescheck can do so quickly, and free of charge.

The next area we will see great moves forward is with the IECC 2021. The IECC 2021 will represent many changes for Rescheck and those details will be hammered out in 2020 at a series of conferences. During 2020 you can look for some give and take from both builders, code creators, and legislators. The IECC 2021 will bring exciting changes for Rescheck, Rescheck Web, and Rescheck Desktop in 2020 and we can only speculate as to what that will bring.

The final prediction is increased adoption of Rescheck practices in areas that were previously not using an energy code or Reschecks for permits. In an effort to ease strain on building departments and inspectors we have a list of 10 high priority areas that we feel will begin adoption Rescheck practices at a higher rate to save, time, money and energy when inspecting New Construction, Additions, and Alterations. For now we will review these areas and see if our speculation becomes reality, but seeing areas without an energy code adopt IECC 2015 or IECC 2018 for Rescheck and begin implementing it on construction projects is a given for 2020 when it comes to Rescheck, Rescheck Web, and Rescheck Desktop.

Overall each new year brings new changes, patterns, codes, and softwares when it comes to Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, Manual D, and Comcheck. We test, sample, and use each one so that our Reschexpert blog readers can have the most up to date info on DIY home energy reporting. If you need a Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, Manual D, or Comcheck created in 2020 simply email plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.

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