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Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to talk about an instance of a building code change and the rarity that it presents.  Larimer County Colorado may not be your home, but this case is interesting enough that we thought we should discuss it today on the Reschexpert blot.

Larimer County in Colorado has always required a Rescheck and been very fair across the board in submitals and implementation of their IECC energy code policies.  Recently they adopted the IECC 2015.  This includes the IECC 2015 Energy Code, on paper.  When you dig deeper in the details you find that an IECC 2009 Rescheck showing compliance will still suffice for passing the energy code in Larimer County Colorado.

I have seen counties adopt different sections of IECC codes at different times.  They might adopt the IECC 2018 energy code and remain at IECC 2015 levels for other inspections.  However, this is the first I have seen a jurisdiction adopt a new energy code and continue to choose the compliance mechanism of the older code.   This may be due to the familiarity to the IECC 2009 code and fairness that the local jurisdiction feels that it offers to their constituents, builders, architects, engineers, and home owners.

Overall when you see a new building code adopted at your local level it is important to dive deep into the fine print.  This on paper change to IECC 2015 turns out to be enforced under the IECC 2009 level Rescheck, for now.  We will keep a close eye on the May 1 deadline of when this code becomes reality and relay any information we find on the switch to you instantly.

Thanks for reading the Reschexpert blog.  If you need an IECC 2015 or IECC 2009 for Larimer County or anywhere else in the United States we can help.  Simply email plans, jobsite address, and square footage to [email protected] and we will get you taken care of.


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Larimer County to Adopt IECC 2015 Energy Code but still use IECC 2009 Rescheck
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Larimer County to Adopt IECC 2015 Energy Code but still use IECC 2009 Rescheck
Larimer County to Adopt IECC 2015 Energy Code but still use IECC 2009 Rescheck. Colorado Rescheck
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