Yesterday we began receiving updates within our Rescheck Web software console.  They informed us that Rescheck Web software would be down for a 2 hour period of 9am to 11am PST.  Based on the murphy law of Rescheck this now meant that we would see only IECC 2018 Reschecks ordered since since Rescheck Web is the only option for creating Reschecks using IECC 2018.

While the Rescheck Web service was not actually down for 2 hours after a period of about 90 minutes it came back online.  A message in red stated that if your projects were not showing up correctly then you should log off and log back on to REScheck Web.

After logging back in and creating a report the main thing that we noticed was the cosmetics of the Rescheck report cover had changed.  See the Rescheck example of IECC 2012 and IECC 2018 Reschecks below.



REscheck Web update

REscheck Web update

The Rescheck on the left example is the old Rescheck from the Rescheck Web software.  You can see the newer version on the right has less of a heading.  If I was forced to speculate as to why the changes it may be as simple as saving the end users of Rescheck Web ink.  Another theory is that they are making the font more friendly for mobile device users.

Overall the recent Rescheck Web update includes more than just this tidbit, but this is the most glaring example we have found thus far as to the changes that have taken place.  Thanks for reading the Reschexpert blog.  If you need a Rescheck Web Rescheck using the newest updated software email plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.

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Rescheck Web Software Update
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